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  1. Good advice. The issue I was had when I first installed my system was that I had the HP and LP filters for the amps and head unit on. Rookie mistake. I found that having the head unit control HP and LP and turn the amp filters off worked the best for me,
  2. Road trip with CarPlay and iOS 9.0

    I understand. But, introducing a cradle may cause the connection to be poor due to how the phone sits on it. In my experience, most issues with intermittent CarPlay comes from poor Lightning cable connection issues and/or dirt or lint the Lightning slot on the iPhone. Look for the simple stuff first when problem solving issues. Eliminate the obvious before tackling the complex.
  3. Road trip with CarPlay and iOS 9.0

    You are using a cradle? Have you tried to just us a lightning cable alone.
  4. Road trip with CarPlay and iOS 9.0

    Areas without cell service vs local maps that are only as up to date as the last time you bought the update.... With cell coverage near universal right now, I find using Apple maps meets my needs 98% of the time.
  5. Carplay Album Art Issue

    I am using 9.0 GM with the default settings and I can see the album art better than before. But I don't think the album art is every going to be bright, clear and vivid. There is too much varity of color and complexity for the text to appear great on all of the possible albums out there. The Beatles white album vs dark side of the moon. What text color do you use? If the art is very busy, would the text be legible? The reason the art is soft and blurry is so that the text will be readable. It has to be, to be safe for the driver.
  6. Repairing NEX due to software error (TimeLog)

    Just received my radio back. In total, about 25 days to ship it in and get it back. It came back with 1.10 installed.
  7. The simple fact is that there are many factors that can affect a mobile device, like an iPhone. As someone who uses a iPhone Air to control a quadcopter, and also develops software, I can relate to your issues. I have terrible cell coverage at my house and office. I also have a Verizon WiFi hotspot wired into my car, with my iPhone connecting to it automatically. When I leave my home, it connects to the hotspot, but the cell coverage sucks. This causes some issues with my CarPlay and 8000NEX connections upon startup from time to time. Background refresh issues, automatic software updates using the cell connection and other tasks running concurrently can cause issues. There are so many things that can go wrong, is a minor miracle that it works at all. I would start simple. Have you tried to replace the Lightning iPhone cord with a new one? Is the USB 1 wire on the back of the NEX properly seated? Check for lint into the Lightning slot on the iPhone. Believe it or not, this lint issue was causing my iPhone to disconnect from the NEX randomly. I have my phone in my pocket often, and there is lint in there.... Duh...
  8. Repairing NEX due to software error (TimeLog)

    USB 1 for my bricked update.
  9. I was also using 8.4 without issues in CarPlay... Until the lasted Pioneer firmware bricked my 8000...
  10. Repairing NEX due to software error (TimeLog)

    What did you send it in for?
  11. Repairing NEX due to software error (TimeLog)

    My 8000NEX was sent to Pioneer three weeks ago for repair, and it is still in "In Evaluation Process". Basically the new firmware bricked the radio and it will not load the new firmware or revert back through a reset. I purchased a Alpine ILX-007, and it is coming in today. So at this point, I'm in no real hurry to get the 8000 back, but it burns me that it is taking so long. And it disappoints me that a $1,400 radio can be so susceptible to failure through a firmware update. I am in the tech industry and have worked on many types of hardware and computer controlled devices. I realize that there is always a risk in performeding updates on the firmware. But usually, you leave yourself a way to revert back to a base version that can be used as a floor to try To update from. There are a lot of things that can happen to interrupt a firmware update. Power failure, faulty USB drive, poorly written update code, bad sectors on the internal SD card etc. Perhaps the complexity of the NEX radios is the real issue here. Pioneer has tried to throw in everything but the kitchen sink into these things, and those layers may be adding to the various issues we are all experiencing.
  12. Repairing NEX due to software error (TimeLog)

    12 days and counting... Still "In Evaluaion Process". When (and if) I get my 8000 back, I plan on unloading it on eBay and get an Alpine iLX-007. I just use CarPlay and the occasional Sirius channel right now, and I am thinking to keep it simple. Accepting offers for my used 8000.....
  13. Repairing NEX due to software error (TimeLog)

    My 8000NEX was received on the 3rd, went into "In Evaluation Process" on the 5th and has been "evaluating" ever since. Nine days and counting at Pioneer.
  14. Repairing NEX due to software error (TimeLog)

    No, I am waiting on the evaluation get get a quote for the out of warranty work. What was your repair cost, if you don't mind sharing.
  15. Repairing NEX due to software error (TimeLog)

    Not too bad for me. I send in my 8000NEX last week and they received it on Monday the 3rd. It showed In Evaluation Process this afternoon, the 5th. We will see.