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  1. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    I also should add that the nag screen bypass works great as well on the 140BT. Thanks for posting the info Rons.
  2. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Ok..good news. BlakeStone was nice enough (and so is kellinaradway) to upload the complete update 2015 map for Z140BT (and newer units). Basically just download that and replace the verinfo file from pionara and it'll update. Go here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81639-2015-avic-z120-map-update/page-2&do=findComment&comment=336362
  3. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    IT WORKS!!!!! this version works on Z140BT (mine) and so probably all other newer models. Basically use everything but replace the verinfo with pionara verinfo file (to bypass the password) and it'll start updating like it should Many thanks BlakeStone!!!! I am attaching the Pionara's verinfo file here as well to make it easier for the rest of the guys behind me. VERINFO.DAT
  4. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    BlakeStone. Much appreciated. I tried different cardinfo & verinfo files and none worked on the Z140BH unit so just wanted to try your version. This version is not the same as the one killiradway posted?
  5. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    My understanding is limited so I may be way off based here but according to pionara, cardinfo only serves to trigger the unit into looking at the SD card for an update and reboot the unit. Once rebooted, cardinfo is not used anymore. If this is the case, the cardinfo we currently have should suffice...so it could be something else..
  6. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Hey BlakeStone, Do you have the actual update map 2015 for the BlakeStone: Do you have the actual 2015 map update for the unit posted above? I tried to put the two files you posted in the zip combine with the 2015 map update files from kellinaradway and it didn't work in the AVIC-Z140BH.
  7. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Well...downloaded this Zip file and put the new CARDINFO file in and it still say "Wrong SD Card". Went back and replaced the VERINFO file (from pionara) with the verinfo file in this zip file and it said "Update Failed....try again" with a "Retry" button. Press on the retry button just repeat the message...so in other words, it doesn't work. Perhaps BlakeStone can upload the 2015 map again along with everything else for the z140BH/X940/130BT etc... unit?
  8. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Urghhhh. So what's the verdict? This 2015 map update will NOT work on z130bt and z140bt?????
  9. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    I made sure the extract was correct. Only 1 update folder.
  10. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    It looks like they split it out unlike previous year where one update fits all. eBay has it for $65. Not bad if a bunch of us each chip in like $10 to get it and post it up. http://m.ebay.com/itm/2015-MAPS-FOR-PIONEER-AVIC-Z140BH-ALSO-SOFTWARE-VERSION-6-0-AND-BLUETOOTH-3-32-/131629246091?nav=SEARCH
  11. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Hmm...try this one. I just downloaded from the 2015 EU thread...that someone posted it. Not sure if it'd work but it's for "Here the modded CARD.INFO file, 2015 edition for F20/ F920 / F9210 / F9220" I'm hoping we can mod it for 130/140? CARDINFO_2015.rar
  12. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Okay, I took the CARDINFO from this thread (2015 update) and modded it to support Z130BT and Z140BT. This should hopefully work now. It's crazy raining here I can't get to the truck outside to test. Give it a try. Make sure you back up /USER directory first. CARDINFO.rar
  13. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    The attached CARDINFO will work for 130BT/140BT by prompting "Update: Yes/No"....However, when you go past that, it'll say "Incorrect SD card" ... CARDINFO.zip
  14. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Yes. The verinfo was taken from the 2015 Europe map thread (made by Pionara??). I'm not sure what it does...perhaps someone with more knowledge in this area can help.
  15. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Yes. I used the cardinfo file from that thread and it let me update. However when you say " yes, update" it'll say "Incorrect SD card...etc" and will get stuck. There is a thread I posted up on top to "un-stuck" yourself. But again why would you want to go through it again if you knew it won't work.