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  1. AVIC-8000NEX Firmware Update

    Firmware v1.20 Released 8/10/2018 Download HERE Release Notes and Update instructions attached. FW Update Letter_14AVIC-NEX_1.20 v2.pdf FIRMWARE_UPDATE_INSTRUCTION_14AJ v2.pdf
  2. 8000NEX Nav: Show Country Info

    How do I disable Show Country Info option in the navigation settings? I thought it would be useful if I ever drove to Canada but it's annoying and pops up whenever I cross into another state... and sadly, I work out of state. Ugh. It didn't start until I started using AVICSync. The option on the app however, is grayed out.
  3. Carplay getting major updates with iOS 9.3

    I haven't used the Beta (still running 9.0.2) but every time I connect my phone to my 8000 unit it reboots itself (the phone). However, if I disable CarPlay, everything works fine, no reboots. I really hope this gets fixed.
  4. NEX 8000 / Factory Sub

    Is there a way to splice in the factory sub from a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan? I've been playing with the unit's settings and realized it's either not powered or just not connected. Thanx in advance.
  5. Mirroring HDMI to rear screens

    If you decide to use CarPlay, your only mirroring option is DVD. I HATE THIS.
  6. CarPlay can be completely disabled under the General/Restrictions option on your iPhone. As for your steering wheel interface, some can be programmed to function with Siri, not sure about the Metra ASWC-1.
  7. Can I stop Carplay from launching at startup?

    On the phone, goto: Settings/General/Restrictions/ Simply disable CarPlay.
  8. How often does Pioneer release firmware updates?

    I wouldn't hold my breath. They pushed the CarPlay update... I honestly expect nothing more from Pioneer. Any further updates will be from Apple in future iOS updates and 3rd party app devs.
  9. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but Pioneer removed the option of rear SD output and mirroring while iOS with CarPlay is connected. Only CD/DVD is enabled for rear output. This really sucks because I had an SD card full of TV shows and movies for the kids. Now, in order to use SD as rear output, I have to use bluetooth audio (and that doesn't work while plugged in).
  10. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Don't hold you breath on this one LOL
  11. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    I really do not like the artwork display. I know they wanted to keep it simplistic and less distracting but damn... can barely see most album art. I miss my old Zune player. It simply mirrored the player's screen.
  12. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Thanx, I thought it looked funny but it was fine when I left for work this afternoon. I didn't even restart the phone, just the NEX.
  13. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Working on 8000 with iPhone 6+ iOS 8.0.2
  14. iOS8 Update issues...

    I'm still running the GM release of iOS 8 on my 5th Gen iPod Touch on the 8000 and the only had initial problems (first it was a big , then it wouldn't control it, then in would control and show the songs playing but no audio) and finally after reconnecting the iPod it worked just fine and has been for 3 weeks now. Not sure if the final release is actually different or not this time around or how it runs on an iPhone. I will find out tomorrow when I get my iPhone 6 Plus
  15. Canceling a route on an 8000NEX

    This happens to me more times than not. Hopefully there will be a fix. It's annoying when I get to where I know where I'm at and no longer need it... "CALCULATING ROUTE", "MAKE NEXT LEGAL U-TURN", etc.