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  1. Ok, so i found a Garmin application and installed same. If only i could get the mapsupp.img files to read in the application on the AVIC....
  2. Hello to the community. I recently purchased a Garmin map of Jamaica to work on my converted MRZ088 AVIC, which now runs the firmware that was made available here. Can anyone steer me to where I can download the Garmin application to run this map? Much appreciated.
  3. I used this FW to convert my Japanese model MRZ088 to the European model. I have however not been able to get the GPS to work and have not been successful in getting my garmin Jamaica map to work. Does anyone in this community have any ideas/suggestions? Thanks
  4. I was looking forward to seeing a download link to this file, i suspect that you may have left it out inadvertently? Thanks.
  5. never mind, I successfully did the conversion using update version 4
  6. javelin

    AVIC MRZ088

    I own one of these units and attempted this update using the f900 bt firmware, without success. Te update process itself was successful but when the dust settled, the unit was totally inoperable, save and except for the reverse camera function. To make matters worse, I did not make a backup so i am now unable to even restore to original firmware. If you have not yet gone through with the update, could you please make a backup of ur firmware, which you will need if you are still planning to do the udate, and when you do would you be kind enough to upload a copy of your copy so that
  7. I attempted this mod recently, based on what others have reported here, without the desired success. I got the f700 image to load on to the unit and it booted up nicely in English, however, with the exception of the systems setting menu, no functions operate. Can anyone advise whether or not it is actually possible to convert the Japanese unit to the english version successfully, as at least one person here have announced, or is it just not possible to do? My dilemma is that I have attempted to save my orriginal image but was unable to as everything was in Japanese, so I am also not
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