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  1. Avic-F930BT delete all program

    Hi, still cannot write to the nand. it gives error. I lost the platform and all software on the unit. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hi, Can anyone help with my avic-f930bt. I try to update from 3.0 tot 6.0 but it is not completed and stopt. Then I make mistake to delete the system. So I delete the HD and try put back buckup but can not paste. now get the screen with "there is no applicable program" Try to fix and now it has gotten worse. I lost all programs. by self check program you see. NAND FLASH error GPS error HD RADIO error. By File Maintenance. USER emty there is nothing NDATA emty there is nothing NDB is lost to. even with flashing is not successful. It does not want to paste. has anyone ever experienced this problem The unit is 3.0 Thanks in advance Ocen
  3. AVIC F940BT flash -brauche Help

    Hi Ulito, did you fixed yet or? I have the same problem. nanflash gps and hd is on error. let me now if you fix the problem. Regards neeco