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  1. Avic-F930BT delete all program

    Hello Ocen, I have roughly the same mistake. Although I have a F940BT backup, but it does not fit in. If you need the backup, I can leave it to you. Uli
  2. Hello, Unfortunately, there is no in Chile Pioneer service for sat nav devices, even I can not buy a Pioneer Navi here. So I have to try himself to install my device again. Unfortunately, I but, even after weeks of tests using the troubleshooting suggestions in the forum, did not succeed. Unfortunately I also no answer so far here in the forum and helped me with a good piece of advice. So I try again to explain the condition of my device: For over half a year I did on my device a Europe map update from 4,600 to 5,100, even though I now live in Chile. I just wanted to try times and it has worked well. But since I still like wanted to install a South America map on my device, but I had to reset it because the program Pioneerus runs only on the firmware 4.600. But since there is no Aktuallisierung from 5,100 to 4,600, it was not carried out correctly and my navigator no longer worked. I then tried to install my existing 4,600 backup back. For this, I deleted the user files on the device. Unfortunately, the backup read then no longer insert and then that was my second mistake. So I can backup 4.600 not insert when I press the Enter key to Schhiuss it blizt short "now paste" and it does nothing. The firmware 4.600 and 5.100 can be, with and without Super test mode, do not install. I would be very grateful if it could help me further on the forum a. Please entschudigen the bad English. Uli
  3. Backup can be integrated not with Super Test Mode

    Hello, I've got no hint in the forum, I read me for the umpteenth time through the forum and have come to the conclusion for me: The device displays on power: "no use program found" The user folder USER, NDATA and NBT are empty and as already written, can still back up with paste Paste not. When Aktuallisierung from 6,000 to 4,600, the version was 4,600 only loaded but not aktuallisiert since the Com version none is earlier could not be updated. So the problem is only loaded, but not installed, version 4.600. Probably I can so my backup does not install. But I have not found in the entire forum, how to remove an invitation only but not or not properly installed firmware. I would appreciate if someone still has the solution to the problem and they can tell me. Thanks and regards Uli
  4. Hello, have a complete backup F940BT is the same as for F40BT. Greeting Uli
  5. Hello, now I have my shot-up AVIC F940BT so far that I can copy my backup with the Super Test Mode. But if I want to insert the backup with derTaste "paste" in the empty folder "User", "now paste" is very short and it does nothing more. Who can help me? Thank you! and Greeting Uli
  6. "Test Mode N"

    Hello, After lengthy study of all AVIC411 forums and search with Google, I am convinced that I my shot-up AVIC F940BT only with the so mysterious "test mode N" again can bring to life. Unfortunately, I have not here in the forum still in Google to download the Search for "test mode N". I would be glad if someone could download get me. Thanks and greetings from Chile Uli
  7. "Test Mode N"

    Hello, After lengthy study of all AVIC411 forums and search with Google, I am convinced that I my shot-up AVIC F940BT only with the so mysterious "test mode N" again can bring to life. Unfortunately, I have not here in the forum still in Google to download the Search for "test mode N". I would be glad if someone could download get me. Thanks and greetings from Chile Uli
  8. Hello, by farther futile attempts to awaken my AVIC F940BT to life, I have come to the conviction that I can only be overcome with the "test mode N". Unfortunately, I've found so far neither the forum nor Google the "Test Mode N" to download. I would be very grateful if any one can make the download available to me. Uli
  9. Hello, unfortunately could me so far no help, but I myself am progressed a little, even if it does not help me in the thing itself. Ichn trying day with the Super Test Mode, firmware and also with my backup files to get ahead. As I have now 5,100 loaded the firmware in my unit came on the screen: "Program forced write system uC com Write" by pressing the Mode button came under the same program on the screen: SD 8.05.0000 un d UCOM 8.05, after pressing the Mod button came under Progress: "Start" and turn to press the Mod button ran the counting under Progress from 0 to 3644, if somewhat was installed, I can not say. Unfortunately I do not get ahead and hope to help here in the forum. To better understand the photo attachments. Uli
  10. Hello Guizmo, Sorry, the password is O.K. you must have it with not copy, make paste. Thanks for the update, Super !. Uli
  11. Hello, as already reported, I have my brick your device when you install 4,010 to 4,600. All three folders are empty and I can bring the device in the test mode, but nothing to add to the folder. When I turn on the machine, I get the message: No use program found. Seeking been here for weeks all forums for a solution and have found so far only one that does not work with me. The Member NC35 has here in the forum "Problems / Troubleshooting under SOLVED -F940BT-" No software is installed "on 11.Sept. Described in 2014 as the Super Test Mode with the program" scored installed Gera again forced Letter "and has absolutely loaded new cards. I've tried everything, but I have not geschaft. As I have seen in my search, many users have the problem and therefore it would be nice if the Mitglid NC35 could erkären it exactly how he did it. Otherwise, I would also be happy if the specialists could say something about it and a small auxiliary position geben.Ich think many members who, like me have her brick your device, would be very grateful. Uli. We are sorry for the bad English (Google)
  12. The AVIC Development Mod

    Hello, Unfortunately I did not get to my article 383 a response. I would have been looking forward, if I only had told, for the AVIC F940 there is no way that broken operating system to repair. With the test MODE_A, N and S can not come in my unit. One can also write any scripts, but only work with folders. But since I do with my test mode Backup can no longer fit into the device, only remains for me the way to the Pioneer customer service it but does not exist in Chile. but On 15/08/2016 I fly to Germany and I will take to repair the unit with. Ulito
  13. AVIC F940BT flash -brauche Help

    Hello neeco, get tomorrow my car back from the shop. Will then try to perform my Navi back to life. I believe I have after long intensive found in all forums a way. I will report immediately if I had success. ulito
  14. The AVIC Development Mod

    Hello, I am 71 years and live in Chile for about 2 years. In my VW T5, which I have taken from Germany, an AVIC F940BT is with European maps. That reminds me of the Pioneer Customer Service on request told that I can not install any other cards on my unit and my unit for South America was unusable, I started to search the Internet for a solution. And I have come to the AVIC411 Forum. Unfortunately, I did not go to the load of other cards, so I have loaded me to try the latest firmware 6000 and the latest Card 2015, which I succeeded. Then I tried v.2.2 Conti's Hachmode what did not succeed and I had great difficulty to bring my device back in order. Now the program Pioneerus came into play, but allegedly only install firmware 4.600 läst. So I have my backup 4.100 played back, which did succeed well. Then I tried to upgrade to 4,600 where I made a mistake must, so that the 3 folder USER, NDATA and NDB are empty. I now have the following situation: device to get the message: "no use program found" SD card with firmware 4.600 to the device: is program "forced write" I choose to fashion "system UCOM Write" and it comes: UCOM 8.05 and in SD not specified and I can not change. I come with the test mode of Pionaro the system can also backup Copy all it can not fit into the three folders USER, NDATA and NDB however. I have to adapt also project several times a package constructed and installed on an SD card and a USB flash drive, but it still only came the message: no applicable program found. Unfortunately, I then learned no English at school and I always have to translate everything with Google, sometimes strange and not determinable terms appear. But all this can not prevent further work on the matter and I am learning every day. Should I get my machine back in order, I am also willing to continue to work on this project and to test on my device. I need now but once your help, because although already my head smokes from much reading, I did not come on in the repair of my device. Perhaps I can give one a no instruction to create the backups. Thanks and regards from Chile Uli Images to:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/td0fzpvpqppofks/AAAyKwC7xEHf0A11-iZBnaEsa?dl=0