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  1. Hi. I also have the same issue buddy. but I did not backed up the files . also I cant even get into service/test mode, it's like it has no power to it at all. I contact pioneer and they told me to contact my local dealer and they will charge me for that... did any one have a solution ??
  2. hi Davebulley I have the same problem and i need the backup files for my unit F940bt can you please send them to me?? Thanks
  3. Hi Does anyone have an Europe F940BT backup they can send me as my system has died after trying to perform the "AVIC-F940BT_FW-Update_v4.600". When I performed the update I did the following; Began with - AVICZ110 (folder)and TESTMODE.key System Comm Write - SD 8.05 System stated - Processed and Completed Then System stated - Erasing - Completed cs err Screen stayed in "test mode" for about 1 hour then shut down by itself. My system will not reboot and now has a black screen only with no lights to the controls as well. Has any one else had this problem? Any suggestions? and please the procedure to upload the files to my stereo Thanks