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  1. Couple of things to try. I was able to get the update working after having similar issues. First don't use a Sandisk Thumb drive and second empty the trash on your computer before you eject the thumb drive. Goodluck.
  2. In case anyone is following this. I talked to Pioneer. The tech wanted to know what brand thumb drive I was using. It was Sandisk Micro cruiser. He told me the hidden .trash folder on the drive could be the issue. I used a freebie 2gb drive I got at a conf and the upgrade went thru without issue. Sounds/looks great. Now the second drive also has a .trash folder but I made sure to empty the trash on my Mac before I ejected. I think this might have also helped.
  3. I thinks the EPROM fried. No matter what is connected it starts on the update screen and eventually fails. Then asks to press the home button and starts the loop over again.
  4. I didn't see anything in the directs about renaming the folder to "AVH4000NEX"....I'll give it a shot.
  5. Pretty much tried all this. It sits on this screen for about a minute then show a failed upgrade status.
  6. During the upgrade to the 1.06 firmware I got a error message that basically says press the home button and wait for HU to auto recover. The HU never auto recover and tries to install firmware again but now it says upgrading from 0.00 to 0.00. Regardless if I try to go thru the USB or the SD card it just fails and the whole process starts over after I hit the home buttons. I tried anything the manual says about reseting to factory and I get the unit out of this loop! Any advice or help on how to at least get it to recover by to Factory default? I thought maybe I could try install the 1.02
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