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  1. w8500 Navigation Issues

    Where is the GPS receiver placed? Have you used a metal plate under it? Have a look: https://racelogic.support/01VBOX_Automotive/01General_Information/Knowledge_Base/Where_should_I_place_my_GPS_Antenna%3F
  2. 5100NEX Android Auto

    Hello, just wanted to share my experience with Android Auto on AVIC-F970DAB (european version of 5100NEX):: I purchased the Android Auto "license" by asd255 from eBay and everything worked like a charm. The procedure is very easy, asd255 sent me some files to copy on a usb device. Had to run 2 different scripts, first is to collect information from the headunit, second is to activate Android Auto. Doable for everyone who is familiar with personal computers. I have to say thank you very much indeed, asd255, and can only encourage other people to give it a try, too! About 27 euros for activating Android Auto on my AVIC is way cheaper than buying a new one from pioneer Greetings from Germany! Oli