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  1. Hi! I have Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH and it shows "There is no applicable program" But I can to enter to Supertestmobe with micro-SD card. And can to copy any files from this micro-SD to internal memory. And I have no this files. Maybe need full internal memory. Or need FULL dump of EMMC H26M31001FPR. Please. help. Thank you!
  2. How to possible to make update this Avic from this state with the original firmware from the support?
  3. Maybe should to copy the entire directory APL from the firmware instead of the APL which is in AVIK?
  4. I tried to do everything step by step as described in the link. It does not help. I took the file AV.EXE from original firmware for my AVIC F920BT and put it to USER\PRG0\APL\ directory. This is not to help too. Whan can to do? Lyverby, help please! Thanks!
  5. After use Hackmode autoinstall 2.2 carradio Pioneer F920Bt show "There is no applicable program". This carradio can go to testmode menu with testmode.key on the micro-CD card. But I don't know how to put the firmware for repair it. Please help. Thanks.
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