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  1. turning off nex 6000 ?

    what i need is to silent the unit and to shutdown the screen (while driving) in a quick easy step... Sometime i really need quietness and to kill the flashing gizmos... The only way i found was to remove the key pannel (the anti-theft) thing. but that's not not ez enough especially while im driving.
  2. turning off nex 6000 ?

    Silly question but how do heck do you turn off the unit... ? I miss the rotary buttons on the factory units... By pressing Mode, it only blackout the screen but the unit is till running... is there an easy 1 step action to turn off completly ?
  3. no street names (TTS) whatsoever...

    ya a finaly found the hidden option you have to activate Number ans Street in both lines.. native and foreign... they are two distinctive features.. I had native activated but i did not activate foreign one. Now TTS works..
  4. no street names (TTS) whatsoever...

    nope I'm still not getting any street names. I've set Names and Numbers to ON Is this another bad unit ?
  5. Weird... on this avic nex 6000 I'm not getting any TTS (street name) at all. i can select it no problem and it prompts my selection fine.. But no matter which tts voice im choosing, it does not tell any street names ... i tried every TTS voices in the list.. it just tells me to turn left or right.. is this normal ? it does however mention highway number... also the map is way outdated. I know a few streets in my city that has either changed names or direction like 3 years ago. and this avic map doesn't have that information... My handhelded Garmin bough last spring (7 months ago) does...... I'm sorry but if this AVIC GPS works at intended. it is the worst i've seen. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Nex 6000 Positioning is not possible Error !!!!

    Previously the antena (somekind of squarry magnet with a cord) was directly sitting on the HU itself. Since the HU casse is in metal, the antena was sticking to it. I didn't like the idea so i moved the antena (the sqarry magnet thing with the cord) somewhere close to the HU.. the top facing up ofcourse. (but is still inside the dash) i don't want to see the antena on the dash. So far the signal is pretty strong. i'm not getting any lost signal. I was told that cars like mercedes have a very thick dash therefore you can lose some signal... but on most japanese cars it is ok to leave the antena inside the dash as long the squarry thing is facing up and the magnet part facing down. It is pretty cold outside right now like 8 Fahrenheit (-13 celcius) i'll take some pic when it gets warmer.
  7. Nex 6000 Positioning is not possible Error !!!!

    ive got a new unit back... This replacement unit has the 1.08 firmware. (but i think the old one had the 1.08 too) So far i dont see any difference. This time im not gona change the background to custom in the menu.. Also i've moved the GPS antena further away from the HU (in case the antena was over heating the HU). On the old unit the antena was directly on the HU.. now ive put it somewhere in the dash.
  8. Hiya I have an SD card. in this new Nex 6000 This is how i structured the folders is the SD card Root / Music //FLAC (all flac files are here, no folder) //MP3 ///Folder A (mp3 files genre A) ///Folder B (mp3 files genre B ) ///Folder C (mp3 files genre C) ///Folder D (mp3 files genre D) /Movie all movies files are here Let say i just want the unit to play Folder A in random order (without shuffling into any other folders) How do i do that ? Right now everytime i star the car it begins with the same song or the song playing before i turned of the engine last time. and it shuffle regardless of folder... and i hate that. I want the unit to go into a specific folder and do a random song in that specific folder everytime i enter the car... how do we do that ?
  9. Nex 6000 Positioning is not possible Error !!!!

    New unit in the mail. only cost me for shipping it back.. $40 bucks (3 days..) because of holydaycrap...i should receive the new unit sometime next week. Also got the new firmware file ready on a usb device... im gona update the unit first thing....
  10. Nex 6000 Positioning is not possible Error !!!!

    I've sent back the radio to the seller.. they said they gona try to reproduce the error.. then they gona resend me another one.... I only had to ship back the radio though.. At first they were asking to ship back everything.. but i told them i couldn't that.. wires being cut to match car's harnress.. Anyhow, it's in the mail now.. cost me around 40 bux to ship this back.... I just hope this won't happen again past the warranty period.. Cuz i lost my trust on those avic.. in the meantime, i put the stock radio back... without closing/clipping the radio-dash back cuz its a pain the remove.. So whomever would like to steal my stock radio please use your finger nails..
  11. Nex 6000 Positioning is not possible Error !!!!

    I have unplugged the whole thing, waited a few and still having this issue... I spoke to Pioneer and emailed them.. both are giving the exact same answer. They will only repair under warranty if purchased from authorized dealer.. Amazon is not one of them. Ive contacted the seller and they told me i can ship the radio back without the wires or antena.. because i told them that all wires that came with the unit have been modified/cut to fit the car wires..so i could not remove them that easy. They agreed to get just the radio back. I have two options 1- I bring it to a local pioneer repair center.. they fix for a fee.. could cost hundreds of dollars. 2- I ship it back to amazon and they swap it for another one.
  12. Nex 6000 Positioning is not possible Error !!!!

    nope They are asking for a prove of purchase. The repair center is local...about 30 minutes driving from home.. But they will not repair under warranty if they do not get prove of purchase. They will charge me for parts and time. the pioneer guy said that it is a hardwaire failure.. something internal that may be need to be replaced.. there are several boards inside.. one is the gps board.. that one may need to be replaced.. or the antena board... worst case the maine board... or the entire unit.
  13. Nex 6000 Positioning is not possible Error !!!!

    Waiting for the next representative...waiting time is 25 minutes.. ouch I'll try the gift thing but if this doesn't work..then im doomed. What i want to know is how do they fix this thing ? are they updating the firmware or changing the pcb.. ? is this a fix we can perform ourself ? What exactly is this bug ??
  14. Nex 6000 Positioning is not possible Error !!!!

    The unit came from Amazon. It is 6 AM in the morning right now.. office opens at 9 am... but apparently they won't honor the warranty since it came from Amazon... is it true ? if this is true it will be 700 bucks in the garbage + 200 for parts and installation labor If pioneer won't honor warranty that would be the worst 1 grand investment in my entire life.
  15. omg This unit is like only 2 days old. It's been working great until now. I'm getting this error when i select the navigation **** Positioning is not possible due to the hardware... **** I can't do anything. the navigation screen is sorta frozen with a this popup error. I can see the unit trying to search satelites on top of the screen but nothing. The problem is that i bought this unit online thousands of miles from my current location. The installation had cost me time and money. How am i gona deal with this issue ???? I refuse to pay someone to have it uninstall and reinstall the old radio (harness been cut) and remove old radio and reinstall the repaired nex 6000 back... this is going to cost hundreds of dollars just to swap back and forth. Guys... any easier solution ?