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  1. i did some what u said first ShortFuseScript press any button it was done, then i put sd card out and put the other sd card with 4GB, reboot now it show incorrect SD message
  2. it have i many time try no succes on my F930BT i have one request from where will get CARDINFO.cfg ?? i have download the map 2017 sould i use this CARDINFO?? second: on my 3. point wiche hexeditor: Offset 000019F0: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001A10: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001A3C: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001AD8: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001C1C: 0250A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001C24: 0150A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 i have only found on my Pioneer Offset 000019F0: and Offset 00001A10: and nothing other their and both PRG0 and PRG1 what my problem is only this messeg come carte sd incorrecte, inserer la carte SD correcte what is the reason how will fix it
  3. i have problem wrong SD card after enter PASSWORDPASSWORD my F930BT Firmnware 6
  4. i have issue their mix audio sound like speedcam it voice in france all other fine what wiill change
  5. i m now at 2014 q3 eu map for me working fine

    i want the latest new speedcam i couldnt find it all other only by contry.txt will it work?
  7. any new update oor nothing new
  8. it didnt worked then i did factory reset and then working now all fine best so far, but the music when start up take bit long then come, and some playback going back to first title
  9. finaly working german voice first i copy the my flash disk wiche u and then lang, voice copy, let start up and waiting change to to language to german it restaret. after that their lanugage setting for voice i change to german and try for navi if german and yet it. so after copy the mod 4.01 then after done copy. then mod 4.07 let start yes it working now german, now how to automatic close for wiche their many symbole when i touch it it come pop up how to make automatic close when not touching anything
  10. i did some whiche u told me then restart it come fatel error no voice file found in windwos expolore like that
  11. i got error after copy this file when start up internal error no voice file found on system then i delet file and put old back still no navi working need fresh copy again!!
  12. now everything work peferkt new menu just one more thing now the Voice of Germany not working it was working befor after update this all good just no voice of germany i try english it only speak france voice??
  13. where to put on? overwriteh them? need first install then start it or just first one then seconden?
  14. for FX3.1 it working speedcamere but TMC not their on this from u r folder working tmc but speedcamera not working :-S i have map now Eruope 2014 Q2