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    Hi, please can you help me. I am from the Uk with the pioneer F60 DAB unit. I want to install the latest maps. Please could you guide me x
  2. Wireless CarPlay – Will not work with ANY latest Pioneer head unit as it requires a wifi module inside the head unit which currently no aftermarket headunits have apart from one - Alpine iLX-700/iLX-007 The new wireless CarPlay feature enables users to hold down the voice control button in their car to begin the pairing process automatically. Since Apple’s introduction of CarPlay into vehicles and aftermarket stereos, the only way to get your Apple device talking to your CarPlay enabled in-car stereo system is to plug it in using the bundled (or an official) USB lightn
  3. Pioneer is crap. I bought the pioneer F60 head unit and had it replaced twice. First time the GPS module inside messed up which is a common problem on this model and the 2nd time it kept rebooting. Now I got a new one installed and sometimes the volume gets stuck at 11. The only time I can fix this issue, is if I put a cd in the head unit and than I can control the volume again. Or I can not function the volume, not even by resetting the head unit by unplugging the car battery. The unit also has no iOS 8 support or none of the apps work. Also CarPlay is rubbish, cause there is a slight delay o
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