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  1. I noted on Pioneer's website that the latest listed firmware revision for the 8100NEX is v1.11 (dated 08/12/2018). Nothing since. I was hoping perhaps Pioneer would have addressed the intermittent screen-freeze/reboot problem inherent when using Apple CarPlay, but no such luck. I am guessing Pioneer already got my money and the model's warranty period has expired, and they've now discontinued the 8100NEX model....so it's not cost-effectve to expend resources on non-revenue venures? I guess the short-sighted end is I won't purchase anything more from Pioneer and steer my friends away as
  2. well that just SUX. If I am not paying close attention at the car wash I am screwed. I'm wondering if there is anyway to create some kind of external function that could do the same thing? Im thinking perhaps Pioneer needs to consider a firmware upgrade that would offer an option setting that would allow the blue/white lead to power off when the AM/FM is not in use.
  3. All - I purchased the AVIC-8100NEX to install in my '98 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. One annoyance that I have is that when the unit is not in HD Radio (AM/FM) mode, the power antenna is extended. The OEM Alpine radio retracted the retractable antenna when the CD player was in use. I do not know if I wired the unit up in correctly or what. I (thought I) followed in installation instructions correctly, regarding the blue and blue/white wires. Can any (expert) advise how exactly a retractable power antenna should be wired/connected, and, Can anyone confirm that this is proper/i
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