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  1. I like the new appradio, but for the money, I'd get the 4100 or 5100 NEX.... it seems a little pricey, but I went from a AVH -2700 to the appradio 4 to the 6100 NEX. The main reason I wanted to switch from that appradio unit was because the SPH-DA210 (AppRadio 4) didn't have XM support, a CD/DVD player, and also the fact that it had built in NAV (I've been using Waze for almost 5 years but I like the streamline design with built in nav. Another valid point is that youd have to get the HDMI connector, and the video adapter from apple.
  2. So with my NEX6100 I try to associate a new phone as it says on the screen inside the Nav/map area, and it asks me to download this application AVICSYNC, but it is nowhere to be found on the App Store,I have an iPhone 6+, nor on the website..... Am I just waiting for the developers to get to this part and it's still coming out or what is the associate new phone about? Hopefully more details on traffic
  3. It does the same that it did with my SPA-DA210..... Here is a photo of what it looks like and obviously the same on my new 6100NEX (MUCH better than the AppRadio4SPA-DA210)
  4. So I basically started off buying a Pioneer avic-2700 first, only to upgrade to the AppRadio 4 (SPH - DA210) head unit, then I realized that did NOT offer a cd/DVD player now a connection for XM(love XM). Anyways after a week of this I got the NEX6100, the HDMI adapter, lighting to HDMI cable, etc. everything on CarPlay was fine, and then I got the new IOS update and now I'm not getting the entire carplay screen on the HU. The HU displays it in CarPlay mode as the screen isn't fitting the screen size of the HU. Like the soft buttons are not visible, and I only get like one icon in the CarPlay
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