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  1. Success updating my F9310BT using "ShortFuse"-method and password PASSWORDPASSWORD. Update took around 25min. Also managed to remove nag-screen using method posted in the Z forum. Some observations: * My active application dir was prg1, so had to place patched RenewalIFLib there. However after the update, active dir changed to prg0, so the patched Navi.exe had to be placed in prg0. * There is no new BT firmware from version 6. still version 3.32. I.m happy i didn't flesh out 150€ for this, as there are stil roads missing in my area... :/ @Godzilla: Will be happy to chip in a few coins if possible.
  2. Didn't take long. Its now on eBay and this danish 2nd hand site as well.
  3. Personally I would not do this as you are then effectively rolling back any bugfixes/enhancements made to the 2015 version.
  4. This. But don't bother, the trick with RenewallFLib.dll does not work.
  5. Just tried above procedure on my F9310BT. Didn't work. PASSWORDPASSWORD is not accepted.
  6. Thanks for your work. Just out of curiosity; Whats on the CD that Pioneer also sends as part of the package? Manuals?
  7. Navigation Update 2015 Avic-F920BT

    @Flomsen use some sort of online storage service, like http://www.4shared.com/ or google drive, to upload a zip of the SD card. Then share a link to the zip here. Should you succeed, and someone manages to crack it, i'll surely send a donation your way
  8. What you really buy is the medaicode used to unlock the software. Without a crack other people cannot use your media to install the update. Unless you're an avid cracker yourself, then your best chance is to share the update on this forum, so some of the crackers in here might have a chance to open it up.