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  1. Custom Backround Request

    Thanks Heli_Guy, your the best!!
  2. Custom Backround Request

    Helle Helli_Guy. I recently bought my daughter her first car and I installed an App Radio and I would like to have a custom screen on it. Its a Hyundai Santa Fe. Can you please make me a splash screen for it? If so I would like to have a regular one and the same one but much darker so I can use it for the background for when the music is playing. Thank you in advance.
  3. Custom Backround Request

    Wow your fast!! Thanks!!!
  4. Custom Backround Request

    Yes and I did it as both the splash screen and the background. I was just wanting to see how it would look as the background. If you could make it really dark that would be great if not Ill understand. Maybe without chrome lettering. Black Grey and Dark Red. Just something that won't interfere with the radio elements. Anything is appreciated Thanks
  5. Custom Backround Request

    It was super easy thank you. I have another request though. I have the background that you did for me as my background on my radio but its to bright. I know I can turn down the brightness in my radio but thats not what I'm referring to. Can you dim it way down? I can barely read the song name and radio stations on my radio because the GMC logo is so bright. Im good with the whole background being dimmer. Thanks.
  6. Custom Backround Request

    Thanks it seems really easy.
  7. Custom Backround Request

    ​Thank you so much Heli_Guy I really appreciate it. Now I just need to read up on how to get it on my radio.
  8. Custom Backround Request

    Can someone do a GMC Acadia background. Black, Red and Crome would be nice. Thanks
  9. Does anyone know when an AppRadio 5 will be released? I have the 4 and I'm getting anxious to upgrade it. I keep checking in at Pioneers website but I haven't seen any announcements. If anyone has any insider info please tell us all about it.
  10. Custom Background Gallery

    Can someone make me a Background for a GMC ACADIA? It would be nice if it was chrome with red and black. Thank You very much.
  11. Custom Background Gallery

    ​A GMC one would be very much appreciated! Can you do it with a black background with Red letters with Crome outline? If not then anything with black and red would be nice. GMC only and also one with GMC ACADIA. Its for an App Radio 4.
  12. You can do a manual switch. Ive done it on one of my radios in the past and it worked out great.
  13. You do not need the parking brake wire to turn on the radio. Did you buy a wire harness? The harness will plug into your Audi wire harness then the new wires will be labeled and color coded to make an easy installation.
  14. Custom Background Gallery

    ​Hello, I just joined this site and I was browsing and I came across your splash screens and they look fantastic. Can you make some GMC ones for me in red and black? I know they take time to make and Ill be patient however can you just let me know yes or no? Its all good if your not doing this anymore. Thanks