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  1. I need the files for avic-f90bt. The link doesn't work
  2. I've tried the links but, no bueno. Help!!
  3. I need help! My avic-f90bt keeps rebooting. Ive tried everything. HELP!!! Need tunes badly
  4. I'm having the same problem. i think we need a specific type of sd card. when i find an answer, ill tell you
  5. svaz73


    I've been going crazy trying to fix my avic-f90bt from rebooting. its fuckin frustrating!!!! Help please
  6. vic-f90 reboot problem, need fix, please

  7. svaz73

    Avic f900bt

    can anyone give me the testmode files for an avic-f90bt? I can't find them anywhere
  8. I read that allot of people are having the same problem of the f90 rebooting itself. Everyone says I need to enter into testmode and delete files. Can anyone help me with the download of testmode files that I can download to a SD card?
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