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  1. v4.0 Firmware

    That is a good question.
  2. Did you skip backing up your F90BT?

    You should be able to get back in for now.
  3. Did you skip backing up your F90BT?

    Notice: I'm going to retire this server soon, keeping it going it costing too much. It will be down as of 7/5.
  4. Did you skip backing up your F90BT?

    Give it another shot, I had to change around the URL stuff with my provider...
  5. Did you skip backing up your F90BT?

    Yes, they are compatible. There isn't that much of a difference between the two units.
  6. Bypass Mod Void Warranty

    If they call you back and try to accuse you of doing the hardware bypass mod, deny it. There is no way to tell unless you look at the wiring. That doesn't prevent them from bluffing though. I would have removed the gpspara*.bin files from the AVIC and seen if that fixed your issue.
  7. You can try the hardware bypass (it's pretty straight-forward/easy) but if the software bypass didn't let you get to those menus I'm not sure that the hardware bypass will let you get to them either. But I'd try it anyways.
  8. GIve it the old "Menu+Map+Eject+Reset button" right after you turn on the car. Have the SD card in there. Hold those buttons for about 15 seconds, then release the reset button. A few seconds later I released the other ones. You should see the buttons on the unit pulse from black to blue (breathing). You should then get your WinCE interface (provided you have the Testmode files on the SD card). Then copy the files you need to copy to the Flash Drive.
  9. Fresh 3.0 Install on F90BT With Pictures

    Yup 4 finger salute, everything according to the instructions, it just stalls at the 100% read progress. Tried 3 SD Cards, can't remember the 3rd one but the other 2 are a 2gb and a 4gb both Kingston brands. Tried the same thing over 20 times, different computers, different ways of formatting cards, everything i could think of haha. What about downloading from a different source? What files are on the flash disk you are working with?
  10. Fresh 3.0 Install on F90BT With Pictures

    Did you try the four finger salute? Have the SD card with the WINCE files on it. Then turn on the car, press and hold the Menu, Map, Eject & Reset button at the same time for about 15 seconds. Release Reset, wait a few seconds, then release the others. I believe that is a hard reboot. When I did that with mine, it came up okay. Also, how big is the SD card you are using, and what brand is it?
  11. Are there any mods to speed up boot time?

    It's not an SSD, it's a basic flash drive (like you'd get with a USB stick). Mechanical drives aren't really that great in a mobile environment. Even if you had an SSD, I highly doubt you would see such a huge increase in speed. There are a lot of things that Windows is doing to get you to the point where the AVIC is fully booted. Different brands will most likely have different boot up times. If the minute or so is too long for you, I would suggest you go back to a standard radio. I'm not saying it to be a dick about it. It's just that in the scheme of things in regards to the various methods the AVIC is able to play media, a 60 second or so boot time is totally reasonable. I have had mine since April of this year, and done four updates to it (most notably 3.0.1 and some of the hacks) and I love the unit.
  12. Are there any mods to speed up boot time?

    That right there says it all. It's Windows. In an effort to support all the functions that it does, it takes a lot of time. Frustrating, definitely. But there really is not a viable alternative.
  13. Fresh 3.0 Install on F90BT With Pictures

    I think it's pretty easy. I requires patience, mostly. Just don't rush it. Don't try doing this right before needing to take a long road trip, having to go to work, etc. I have played around with my AVIC a lot, and I have yet to kill it to the point that it's needed to go back to Pioneer.
  14. Fresh 3.0 Install on F90BT With Pictures

    The hardware bypass works no matter what version you are on. At least that has been my experience with the past 4 updates I've done.
  15. Fresh 3.0 Install on F90BT With Pictures

    I've attached Testmode_v2.3. Testmode_v2.3.rar