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  1. I share my experience with F9310BT sorry formy bad english. I installed freshly the new 2015 maps with flomsen files. The update during 20 to 30 minutes and everything works fine. I don't need to update the TTS files. I ´ve updated too theBT firmware. It's allright. A french user. Big thx to flomsen for sharing files and pionara for the hack thx a lot +++ Xavstar
  2. AVIC "F" Series Bypass (Picture Guide)

    With this method I can read videos while driving and it's unlock satnav function while driving too.
  3. AVIC "F" Series Bypass (Picture Guide)

    hi every body, I own anAvic F9310bt. I share my experience about bypassing. Following this tuto erything works fine. I've moved mute to pin 4 (pin is write on the connector) then I grounded it with the parking break sensor (the green one) and everything is ok. Thanks a lot Just continue like that. xavstar
  4. Anybody can send me in PM password for zip archive please. I've asked to flomsen but no response yet and need to test the update on F9310BT Thx
  5. Hello new user

    Hello I'm new, I own a F9310BT on a golf . Your site is really great. Nice things Thx