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  1. Cathaldub is right. Its the glue from the digitizer melting. Everyone that has posted here has the same issue. Basically your car heated up and the di-electric glue pioneer used is NOT designed for a car. DO NOT USE A BLOW DRYER. Blow drying it or heating it up will just make it function worse. There is basically a plastic grid of wires that sends a signal to the radio where you touch the screen on that grid. The glue both allows a connection and holds the plastic and wires in place. The options are: 1) never buy a pioneer radio again, they're not going to start putting the correct glue to take the heat of a car.any time soon. 2) rip the glass digizier off like i.did and use your smart phone, remote, or other device to control the radio 3) pay 80 and have pioneer look at it an hope they don't charge you more for their poor design. And or yell at customer service until they fix it for free 4) pay 170 or so for the new digitizer and fix it yourself..super easy to do if you have a screwdriver and know how to plug something in. 5) some how remove the screen and glue without damaging any of the very delicate wires. I tried a hair dryer and then ripped the plastic off the glass after 30 minutes. Then i just tried saving the glass cover. I scrubbed at a little spot of glue for another 30 minutes... not even a bit came off. Your going to need some sort of goof off if your going to hope to do it. I don't know how they screwed this Radios design up so bad... the screen is usually the most expensive part. Ill post a pic of what i did soon