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  1. Hi i was trying to update my F10BT from 2015 -> 2017 but when i put in my SD with update files nothing happening my radio just turning on and working normaly any ideas what im doing wrong. In topic with 2017 update for F series nothing hapening looks like none looking there anymore sorry for my english
  2. hi i have problem 1. i use SD(32GB) with update files instalation starts and i had to give password - "passwordpassword" didnt work 2. i use ShortFuseScript and run it in my RADIO 3. i put SD with updae files and nothing hapening my radio just turning on no instalation starts i change cardinfo file on SD, i remove file from :USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log i change SD from 32gb to 8gb nothing helps instalation dont want to start. any ideas ???
  3. F-10BT mission complete works perfectly 1st post dowloaded + cardinfo.txt from 2013 maps