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  1. So Yonel, I'm in the same crossroads that you were. About charging USB port, support USB charging device.... are they funcionalities that the 110 has over the 100? I operate a S5, so I wouldn't need much cables to live with the 100..... but are that all the differences? What do you think? About the true differences... Regards.
  2. People. Today we try to recycle and bargain (the economy is crazy). I'd like to buy a AppRadio 2 or 3, insteado of waiting for the new 5 generation, on buying a 4. The main differences between those units are: - App3 can change wallpaper; - App3 can mainstream music through bluetooth. Is that it? Just that? And also: - Can I use a App3 firmware, and turn the a App2 headunit, into a App3? (the "hardware" on the App2 has the required specs for so?) Thanks for anyone that can help. Best regards.