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  1. Try to get your Bluetooth audio to work with it connected,it won’t,that’s the point of this thread.
  2. I’m gonna have to assume there is no solution to this issue.As a work around I put a USB toggle switch before the iPod to quickly turn it on and off and even that didn’t work as the iPod wouldn’t work with switch in line,quite frustrating
  3. Hello,have an issue when I want to use bluetooth audio,that is I have to fish out my ipod from the glove box and disconnect it(usb)before bluetooth audio will work.Is there any workaround to this?Have 10gb data on my phone now,might be doing lots of streaming,thanks in advance.
  4. Not a major issue but somewhat annoying,I can't get my 8000nex to scrub forward within a song while its playing via the ipod touch.I can do this feature with any of my CD's just by placing my finger on the moving play bar and sliding the dot forward or backward depending on where on the song I want to be playing.Is there a setting I'm missing on either the head unit or ipod,or is there no fix?Did a search finding nothing,thanks for any advise in advance.
  5. Been looking for a week now,just a blank page,I emailed them and inquired as to what's going on a few days ago with NO response??Anyone have any info or updates?

    Looks to be nothing exciting,just minor bug fixes,doubt I will bother
  7. Worked nicely on my 8000,thanks asd255 for your efforts and clean instructions!!
  8. Quick question,when using my steering wheel control to go up/down for radio stations on my 8000nex,it scans up and down and doesn't go from station to station?Is there a way to make it jump to my next saved station and not scan??
  9. 2016Q1 Map for Europe & NA available

    Am I the only one not seeing the 2016 Q1 map??
  10. 2016Q1 Map for Europe & NA available

    I'm not seeing it on the web site where I'm at,right now it has North America 2015 Q3 for $129.99 USD.Hopefully it gets updated soon with the lower prices and 1 year subscription.
  11. So what are you using your hdmi source for?

    An android or pc stick might be interesting.Been thinking about it for a while,but I'm also thinking it might be more of a novelty than something I would use that much.
  12. Sorry,just to be clear,I was referring to a USB connection looking for the best quality sound.
  13. I suspect the NEX does,but I would like to confirm.The reason I'm asking is I'm getting an iPod solely for the purpose of using it with my NEX,some ipods apparently sound better than others,but if the NEX handles the DAC duties I would assume it wouldn't matter what iPod I select.