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  1. Outdated GPS

    You can easily upgrade to 2012 map disc, you just need to copy certain folders from your old map disc to a memory card (max size 8gb) & this will allow you to run newer discs in your old unit.
  2. The problem is caused by a loss of adhesion or delamination of the inner & outer screen, when this happens you usually have a loss of response in the affected area with no physical signs of a defect. The app radio screen issue is really unusual due to the fact you can actually see the affected area. The last resort repair method only works on resistive touch type screens. The last resort repair attempt method is to remove the touch screen from the unit & separate it from the lcd screen, then place the glass screen on a perfectly clean flat surface, apply heat over the entire screen with a hair dryer & gently apply slight pressure on the the screen & repeat as necessary, I use a wide rubber roller (block printing type) or you could use a rolling pin with a thin piece of cloth to protect the screen.
  3. HD1BT DVD drive/core unit.

    To all you guys out there with a dead DVD drive. I recently bought HD1BT off ebay with a faulty DVD drive (disc stuck & dead spindle motor). So I opened it up & found someone had been there before me (stripped & missing screws). Anyway all was not lost, it turns out that the DVD drive is the same unit as found in the X1/N1 series, but there is a difference in/on the drives chipset/firmware. So its a case of swapping over the circuit boards & hey presto everything is back up running.