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  1. Looking to get the same phone, anyone have any experiences??
  2. Hey members, I bought one of Garret's drives and it was sooooo much easier then buying a drive and updating myself. I have all the tools and knowledge to do it myself but weighed my time in the price difference and Garret won hands down. Especially since the service was exceptional! To be completely honest, I think he should be charging more$$ and even at that I'd recommend it!!! Jon
  3. I just bought a drive from Garret and am VERY pleased with his service, my vote goes to him!
  4. yea, those are verified ok. I called Pioneer and the tech asked me to check for sound out of the speaker outputs. If I get sound there it's my processor and amp set up, which I find very unlikely. If there is no sound out of the speaker output then its the bluetooth preamp section in the HU. I'll post results...
  5. I am extremely confident that it's not the shop. They are upstanding honest people that have been at the same place for a long time. Only one of them I thought about and he has since left the shop. hmmm, wonder if they fired him for stealing??? I'll even plug them, Auto Radio Stereo on Madison.
  6. hmmm, that is the only out put that i have connected the the z2. If I understand correctly, all the nav, phone and VR use the front channels for their audio. As I mentioned I do get audio from the nav and VR but not the phone. I'll hook up the rear channels and see if that produces any results. In the interim, any other ideas??
  7. any ideas on where to start troubleshooting??
  8. Hello all, I have a Z2 and am running into a problem that I haven't been able to figure out. I have nav sound but no bluetooth sound. The phone connects ok and you can hear from the connected phone on the other end. I have tried different phones and I have the same problem. I have also connected this phone to a different Z2 so I am pretty sure that it is not the phone (nokia 6103). The z2 front RCA is hooked to an alpine processor (h701) and there are no other audio outputs connected on the z2. I have the volume set correctly and the mute is off. When I dial a number the sys
  9. It's actually the opposite here in CA. If you put up "beware of dog" signs you are stating that you are aware that your dogs are dangerous. It is then extremely easy for any defense lawyer to prove that fact. Then it opens the door for huge awards. I tell all my clients to take down the signs and I'd recommend for you to also.
  10. Did you ever get this to work? Am am looking at the same set up... Z2>h701
  11. I currently have an Eclipse in my truck and am looking to install a Z2 in its place. I'm sorta familiar with the option but can't remember if the Z2 will support a 3 way active speaker setup. If not are there any Pioneer integrated products that are an option on the Z2 that can give this functionality. I want to explore this concept and compare it with installing a 5.1 and passive speaker setup. What do you think?? Jon
  12. I have thought about the installers as part of the prob. But there is no way that they could have known where to find the car the first time around. Very unlikely that they would follow us from home. There is an alarm and I know that the alarm is 80% install and 20% product. After the first time I upgraded the Clifford alarm and added a tilt sensor. Thought I was good, dumb mistake on my part. After the second time my wife had enough and wanted not to go through this again and I re-installed the factory radio. While doing this I found that the alarm install was not all that great.
  13. This sucks, I put a D3 in my wife's Tahoe for her birthday as a surprise gift. We went to a kids birthday party at John's Incredible Pizza in Roseville, CA. While we were in the joint, some punks jammed a screwdriver between the rear door glass and the door frame. They pried on the glass 'till it broke. Then they crawled in the car and stole the D3 and the head rest monitors in October. After a $7000+ insurance bill, I added a few more dollars and had my shop upgrade to the Avic Z2. Beautiful piece of equipment! My wife parked her car in her work lot which is at a very busy strip mall,
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