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  1. Just a thought. Is there any way that my password prevents unit from the update?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try. Should I remove the password first?
  3. RonS, Currently I'm on version 5. I was aware about full formatting of SD card and 16KB cluster size allocation. If I insert SD card into the HU when it is already running it plays some strange music file. And for sure, I have AVIC-F840BT. Maybe you can advise how to install a third party software on my unit? I would gladly use something like "Navigon" or "CityGuide". Thanks a lot for trying to help me. I really appreciate it.
  4. Mate, Would it kill you just to read a couple of pages back? I, for example, have read the entire tread, from page 1. In your case, you just need to go one page back and you will find everything you need there (files and password). Good luck!
  5. RonS, Okay, finally found some spare time yesterday. To be 100 percent sure, I went to my local computer store and bought brand new 4GB SD Kingston card. On my computer I formatted that card to FAT32 with 16KB cluster size. Then I copied two folders (FIRMWARE, UPDATE) and CARDINFO.cif file directly to freshly formatted SD card. Inside FIRMWARE folder I have another folder named BT. Inside BT folder – 3 files (bootloader, CK5050P.plf and updater.plf). Inside UPDATE folder I have two folders (NDATA and USER) plus 4 files (ALLDATA.HTM, ALLDATA.VER, AUTHINFO.DAT and VERINFO.DAT). Insid
  6. Mate, just read a couple of pages back. The only thing you need is a supertestmode file, which is located here - www.mybyteideas.com/x9310bt/ Then do a text dump from the corresponding file: file manager -> User -> system -> security -> password
  7. Same here, mate. My unit does not recognize the update. I did the formatting and I've tried to use different SD cards. Stupid piece of the junk just boots up as usual. And if you press "eject" button it shows SD card, so unit sees it but not an update on the card. Any ideas how to force F840BT to start the update procedure?
  8. So, no one can help me with required “CARDINFO†and “VERINFO†files?
  9. Hi mate! You will find everything you need here. Italian language is included in additional TTS zipped file.
  10. Any suggestions on how to update my F840BT unit? I even tried to downsize 8GB SD card to 4GB, thought that could be the issue. But no, still no success so far... Soooo frustrated...
  11. Hi Ceetro. Search forum for "supertestmode". Then do the following: Grab the test mode files and load it up on the SD card and head over to the head unit.. Insert SD card and load up test mode.. Go to the file manager -> User -> system -> security -> password and do a Text dump of that file... Write down what is on the screen. That is the password you are looking for. That's it!
  12. Guys, who managed to update F840BT model? Please help! I have tried different "cardinfo" and "verinfo" combinations, nothing happens. My AVIC does not see the update on SD card.
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