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  1. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Thanks for the reply - MUCH APPRECIATED! All righty then just a few nomenclature questions and I'll give it a go......[inserted in blue below] Go for it. Just be careful, Testmode is tricky and powerful. If you still have the 2015 zip file (or the SD you used for the update), you don't need to backup the existing Navi.exe file. Be aware that you can't overwrite an existing file - it will silently ignore the command. Use my post #4 as a guide for Testmode operation So I recommend: from your computer format an SD FAT32 and copy to it the Testmode.key and new Navi.exe..........got that take the SD to your headunit, turn it on, and insert it. If Testmode doesn't start after a about 5 seconds, cycle the power (ignition key)........ not sure what you mean by cycle? navigate to /USER directory...........like the video figure out which PRG directory is the "active" one. If /USER/PRG.FLG doesn't exist, use PRG0, otherwise PRG1............what is .FLG - PRG.FLG? open the "active" PRGn directory...........PRGn is? open the APL directory..........APL is? select and delete the current Navi.exe (optionally, you could copy/paste it one directory up as a backup - then delete)........the rest of it, very much like the video instructions, basically replacing the Navi.exe by cutting and pasting navigate to the SD, select Navi.exe and Copy go back to your /USER/PRGn/APL and Paste. Verify its there. eject SD and cycle the ignition key Thanks again. Very much appreciate the guidance and help!
  2. Ron - Made a post over here - http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81643-2015-avic-z120-map-update/page-12&do=findComment&comment=338430 - hoping when you get a moment if you could give me your two bits. Thank you again for nudging me in the right direction!
  3. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    G'Day - I've been reading, reading, reading and absorbing as much as I can on my own before pestering anyone here with more questions. HUGE THANKS to all who have taken their time and contributed so generously to the education of the timid and uninitiated - like me! I have an AVIC Z140BH. With all of the instruction and available media I have been successful in installing the 2015 updates. I would now very much like to remove the OK nag screen and think I have found the easy-reader version but would be very appreciative if someone could ya or nay my perception: It appears that MPTonyT's post # 128 the available download is the already amended Navi.exe file, [presumably this is the finished product that Ron S. was describing how to achieve in post #2], along with the test.key to actually enter the system and replace the original. Ron S. The navigation video link has me emboldened enough to give it a go - of course backing up everything first! - if someone knowledgeable could give me a nod of approval. thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the reply. Guess I missed the 2015 option........I rooted around the forum a bit more and found this: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81643-2015-avic-z120-map-update/page-2?hl=+2015%20+update Lots of reading and deciphering for the uninitiated but think found what I need. Thanks again!
  5. G'Day! Brand new here and have to say this place is awesome...........very glad I found a resource for my many questions and hopefully fixes to several annoying issues with my Pioneer unit, AVIC Z140BH. Bought a used Nissan Frontier that came with this unit installed. Great sound, happy with the bluetooth for my iPhone talk and music. Beyond that it has some serious drawbacks.........I have been rooting around reading a lot of posts making as much sense as possible but frankly coming up kind of short. The start/boot up time is way long, then you get all the annoying warnings you must touch you way out of....... Really want to be able to shut off the screen without stopping the truck. It is insanely bright at night no matter how you adjust the screen settings. Also wondering if there is a way to calibrate the navigation timing?? Cross streets almost always cross on the screen after I have actually pased them on the road. Is that just the way it is, and you live with it is there an adjustment? When I load up an D card with music cannot find a decent way to navigate it..........ultimately I abandoned it and go with radio or bluetooh iphone. With no clear understanding of what I have been reading about how to employ the software hacks I am very much hoping someone can/could point me to some simple easy to understand and execute steps to remove the nag screen and parking brake warning via a software hack. I have no stomach for pulling this thing out of the dash for a hardware hack...... thanks in advance! 2013 maps and 5.1 firmware [thanks to a great post I found here!]