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  1. Resistive to Capacitive

    Can I swap out my 7000NEX resistive for an 8000NEX capacitive screen?
  2. backup cam not working properly - 6000nex

    I appreciate and think I understand your post. In your case, the original installer had connected the HU reverse gear signal wire (violet/white) to the positive lead of the camera. If I read your post correctly and that was the situation, your camera would not have worked for two reasons. First, your camera was not getting any power. The violet/white reverse gear signal wire at the head unit is an input, not an output. In other words, the violet/white reverse gear signal wire at the HU only has power when it receives it from an external source, i.e. gear shift wire, reverse light. Thus, it cannot power anything. Therefore, the camera would have had to have been rewired, as you stated in your post, to a 12 volt source. Second, your HU was not receiving a 12 volt load on the reverse gear signal (violet/white) wire in order to change the display to the camera. The violet/white reverse gear signal wire is connected to a momentary switch inside the HU that switches the HU to the camera RCA (brown in the case of the 8000, 7000 and 6000NEX') when it receives a 12 volt load. As soon as the load is removed, the display switches back to normal. In other words, your camera may have power because your key is in the acc. position, but you won't see anything it sees until something tells the HU to switch over to the camera RCA. Plus, you only want it to do it at the right time. For instance, you wouldn't want to connect the violet/white wire of the head unit to the horn because the only time the HU would switch over to the camera RCA is when you push the horn on your steering wheel. While funny, that setup is not very practical or safe. Thus, the person rewiring your camera circuit also rewired your violet/white reverse gear signal wire at your HU to a wire that only has 12 volts when your vehicle's transmission is placed into reverse gear. I am requesting an RMA from the seller as I believe my problem is not in the wiring outside of the HU. However, I am willing to listen to all ideas.
  3. backup cam not working properly - 6000nex

    Thank you for your quick responses. Yes, I have checked numerous times to make sure that I have it in the correct "brown" RCA input on the back of the HU. I have not seen that screen, but I will check it out. That would be very helpful to pinpoint the problem as the trigger.
  4. backup cam not working properly - 6000nex

    I have previously installed an AVIC-8000 and 7000 NEX and the backup camera works perfectly with both units. After wiring an AVIC-6000 NEX in a 2003 Honda CR-V, the reverse camera trigger is not working. Specifically, the camera works if I select camera view, but it will not work when shifting into reverse. All other functions on the HU work exactly as they should. Wiring: Camera Ground = Chassis Power = ACC (cigarette lighter power) Video = Brown input on HU Trigger Violet/White lead from unit = Reverse light wire (ran wire from back of vehicle to front) The HU polarity is set to battery, not ground. Troubleshooting I updated to the latest firmware version 1.11 I have tested the power to the camera, and it is receiving 12 volts when the key is in the acc position. I have tested the trigger wire at the HU connection between the violet/white wire and wire running to the reverse bulb, and it is dead when out of reverse and has 12 volts when in reverse. When I switch the "camera view" to on, it takes a good 10 seconds for the unit to switch to the camera view, but once it does, it works perfectly. Thus, it is not a problem with the camera wiring or video input. I have run a fused test jumper directly from the battery positive terminal to the HU, tested it to make sure it was carrying 12 volts and touched it to the violet/white reverse gear wire at the HU, and it will not switch over to camera view. I believe the camera trigger is just bad, but I wanted to see if there is something else I could try or if I am missing anything.