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  1. Forgotten Password in AVIC 5000NEX

    If you dig around in the threads you can find how to do this. I would advise extreme caution though, if you don't feel confident with the instructions, don' do it! If you execute the wrong command (hit enter on the wrong line) it can brick your unit and cause misery trying to recover.
  2. F960DAB password help

    Only a couple of things I can think of right off. 1. In other posts people have said that you could try using a different tool to unzip the file to your computer then copy to the card, WinRAR is one utility that i have used. 2. The SD card is not formatted correctly. Re-format and try it again. 3. Try using USB1 port instead of the SD card
  3. F960DAB password help

    Have you checked out this thread, maybe not the right testmode key? Also only the contents should be on the card, no folders, etc. just the files. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81981-avic-f960dab-forgotten-password/
  4. Password Lockout