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  1. Sorry to hijack, what is the phoneme folder for?
  2. I found the English manual and there is no mention of being able to change the FM stepping :/
  3. It appears there is no IP bus to USB available on the market at all :/. Logically you could try the below, no idea if it would actually work though?
  4. Hi, do you mean you cannot access the settings menu because it is greyed out?
  5. Isn't the shut down and rebooting after a period of time usually a sign that the cooler fan is dead or not working properly?
  6. Do you mean general operation?
  7. From memory it's the camera just connected with a yellow RCA video connector? In which case surely any 'universal' one will work? :/
  8. Hi all, Anyone else noticed that from when you start your unit up, it takes ages to start playing from USB and it also doesn't remember the last song played etc? I don't have this issue with MP3CD's? Any feedback would be welcomed Thanks
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