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  1. The 500gb was barely filled with about 80gb of flac music. I did realize that the image files were way to big and there was no need for the logs, m3u, or other cue related stuff. I am also going through and making sure all my tag information is correct. I do have a theory that if all the tag info is correct, I won't need the use of folders and I can just dump the files on the drive. It shouldn't be to difficult to index with no folder structure and I will still be able to access by artist, album, etc...
  2. Yes, they are newly and freshly formatted FAT32.
  3. x000 to x200?

    Your question intrigues me... Do you mean that you can dump an image of the operating system? I just got the AVIC-6200NEX. I am will to give it a shot if you could point me in the right direction. Is there a tutorial or how-to available? I am on it, if so...
  4. I finally took the plunge last week and got the AVIC-6200NEX. I really like the thought of FLAC playback support, but I am having issues with the USB (1 or 2) reading my flash drives. I know they have to read them to index the files, but it gets stuck. I have used a variety of drives ranging from a 4Gb flash (Sandisk) all the way to a 500Gb SSD (Samsung). I plug them in, they play the first song, but not the next and get stuck at 20-30% read. I could take that same stick and reinsert, then get the incompatible USB message... Is there some sort of trick to being able to use the USB that I am overlooking? Am I being Punk'd? I thought about exchanging it for the 8200, but I fear the issues could persist since they are the new models with very little support that I have found, even on the Pioneer website. Pioneer actually referred me to a local dealer. Does anyone think I got a bunk unit or does anyone have an idea on a fix? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Just order the 8200nex from crutchfield

    I just got the AVIC-6200NEX last week and I am having issues with the usb ports reading flash drives. I have done test with them loaded with FLAC files in varying sizes ranging from 4Gb flash by Sandisk to a 500Gb SSD by Samsung. Hopefully you have better luck. I thought about exchanging it for the 8200NEX, but I don't like the motorized door and I can't imagine the units being that different other than the motorized door and extra SD option. It is also difficult finding support with the newer units, even on the Pioneer site. I tried to contact them through the site and they referred me to a local dealer. So I am sensing that they will take your money, but do not want to provide you support. I hope your experience is better than mine with Pioneer. Good Luck.
  6. Just thought to drop in and try and learn something about the new addition to my car. Till now it has been a little challenging, but so far, so good...