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  1. Does anyone know how to do the screen bypass on this model? Also on a new install when I go to Setup - System - Dimmer Settings and Picture Adjustment are greyed out Firmware 08.12
  2. Cannot get Android Auto to work with USB2, If I plug in phone it will auto turn on WiFi and connect with WiFi, If I try to turn on WiFi on phone AA shuts down. If I use WiFi then I get no data on other apps. What I did and worked great on my 8100NEX was plugged in an old Galaxy S8 and then just turned on my HotSpot for Data and this worked great. I can't get it to work like this on this HU. When playing audio this way the sound quality is way better than with Bluetooth
  3. tried 2 usb's and an SD card all FAT32. possible bad files I guess is there a more current link to download them? I don't see any links on page 10 anymore
  4. I updated my AVIC8100 from 1.05 to 1.11, now no maps display and everything is gray where it should be showing the map. I tried to boot up into test mode but the radio boots normal even when the USB is plugged into port 1 any idea's?
  5. Finally updated today from Firmware 1.05 to 1.11, everything said it updated correctly now I have no maps. it loads and where I should see streets everything is gray. I can go into the the navigation menus but that's it. When I first go into maps it does say gps position acquired. I then went to navitoolbox and did a map update. still have same problem
  6. perfect thank you! Anyone know if there are custom voices? or how to verify if speed/red light cameras are working? and how to import POI Factory?
  7. found those on gpspower, just don't see where to go to activate them on the 8100nex navigation settings
  8. Been looking here and GPS Power, is there a way to change the Icon from an arrow to a real Car/Truck? I Updated Maps and added new Cars through a Boot up Flash Drive and can't find a way to activate them. is there any Funny voices available? (Homer, Yoda, etc,) Can POI from POIfactoy be implemented? Thanks.
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