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  1. Carplay Album Art Issue

    Seems I should have spent more time on Google before posting any of this. I don't have the micro bypass installed and that appears to block this menu. Just ordering one... hopefully that will fix my issue.
  2. Carplay Album Art Issue

    When all else fails, read the manual. Now I see Picture Adjustments, but it is greyed out. Its so greyed out that I couldn't read that it was Picture Adjustments. Any idea how to get this to come back? I tried it with my iPhone attached, and with it not attached... stays greyed out.
  3. Carplay Album Art Issue

    I must be thick, because I can't figure out how to do this. I have a 4200, so maybe its different. But, can you slow down the steps here a bit. I go into CarPlay. Then I hit the "home button"... I am assuming you are talking about the physical home button on the 4200, and that takes me to the main Pioneer home screen... not in CarPlay any longer. I then go into settings and there is no "Picture Adjustments" setting that I can find on any menu. The closest thing is under Themes, there is an Illumination setting but can't figure out what that does... no adjustment ability there. Also, is there a way to take screen shots in CarPlay... that would help convey what I'm seeing. Thanks.
  4. I am a new NEX owner and upon initial installation my iPhone 6S+ would not connect to CarPlay. I was able to play music from it as an iPod, and connect via Bluetooth. I spent hours and tried numerous things believing something was wrong. Finally I tried my daughter's iPhone and it connected to CarPlay immediately. I found that for some reason my iPhone had parental restrictions set that was blocking CarPlay. I don't really ever having set this, so didn't know the restrictions passcode. I don't have anyone young in the household that would require the use of this. Ultimately the only way I could get around it was to reset my iPhone as new and then it connected to CarPlay fine.