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  1. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Okay, life is good! Finally figured it out. Darn Windows kept leaving the cardinfo file as a .txt after I had changed the name to .cif. My bad. All is good and updated! Thanks for all the help!
  2. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Okay, so I tried the 16k cluster size formatted sd card and still nuttin. As a last resort, I thought I would reset to factory settings and that actually solved the bluetooth issue that drove me to this whole project to start with. I think I won the battle but am still losing the war... Not sure where to go at this point.
  3. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Ron, Thanks a ton! I think I changed the VERINFO.dat file. I'll put it back. My x920BT does have the microSD slot. I'll try the Trump thing... may work! Also, I noticed back in one of the threads that someone formatted to a FAT32 with 16K clusters instead of 4K ones and they said it worked. I'm going to step out and try it with 4K clusters and see if it works. If the VERINFO.dat file is wrong, is that enough to stop the process from starting? No MAC, using x86. I used the zip extract tool built into Windows 7. Any worries of that working?
  4. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    I tried with a new 8GB microSD formatted to FAT32 with cluster size of 4032 which is default. Still no action when I plug in the SD card. I'm wondering if I'm missing a file or have the wrong file. I see conversations related to both the CARDINFO.CIF file as well as the VERINFO.DAT file. Could I have a wrong one of those? Again, is all I'm supposed to do is plug in the SD card while radio is powered on and it'll go or is there something more? I have a PhD in engineering and I'm not used to things being simple. If possible, can someone point me to somewhere that lists the whole process assuming I know nothing (which is actually pretty accurate at this point)?
  5. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Thanks Ron! Just to be sure - If I have those files on the card, the system should start the update process on it's own? Is there anything I could do wrong with the files themselves that would prevent the process from starting?
  6. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    RonS, I hate to bother but am hoping you can help. I have an X920BT with the following versions: I'm trying to update to the 2015 version mentioned in this thread. I have a 64GB microSD card that I have partitioned down to only 16GB (FAT32) on which I have put the 'FIRMWARE', 'UPDATE' and CARDINFO.cif file you listed in post #140. When I insert the card into the radio, nothing happens. I've tried removing power to radio to reset but still no joy. I've tried to read through all the posts that might help but am coming up empty. Can you help? Do I need to step up to an earlier version before I go to 2015? Also, will this update include maps and firmware, including bluetooth?
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  8. 2015 avic Z120 map update

    Sirs, I am looking to update the software/firmware/maps/bluetooth on my X920BT. It appears that the files RonS pointed to for Z120/x920 are no longer at that link. Can someone point me to the right files?