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  1. I found the culprit - the initial voltage available to the car UPON startup impacts the level of BT noise of this headunit for the entire time the car is on. My battery (Duramax Gold) is 3 years old and only retains 12.09v. Swapping to a new battery which retains 12.65v and the bluetooth noise is immediately gone Swapping to the 3 year old battery and it immediately returns Refreshed the 3 year old battery - it now retains 12.59v and the bluethooth noise is immediately gone How i refreshed the battery: removed plastic cell covers slowly poured baking sod
  2. Howdy folks, my NEX4200’s Bluetooth has grown increasingly noisy over the last few weeks after nearly 2 years of using Bluethooth for the majority of listening. Even when all pairings have been deleted when Bluethooth is selected as a source the white noise pushed to the amplifiers is deafening. This occurs, even when in the middle of the country (away from most signal sources), with no other electronics in the car, and with the car turned off (battery only) – with all accessories disabled. This even occurs when turning off the amps and hooking up speakers directly to the head u
  3. The file list is not in perfect Alphabetical order. For example, Amanda Palmer is listed after Element 101 but before Ellie Goulding. --> I REALLY wish I could figure out how to overcome this problem
  4. The short -> Great Unit Marred by a Substandard File Browser When loading a Fresh Media card, SD or USD (Only change the USB when the car is powered down), you MUST wait for the entire collection to read before powering down the head-unit. A fresh card refers to not only the first insertion, but also if you remove the card to add new music. IF you power down the head unit before this, you will need to factory reset the unit …. for it to again read past 90% on larger music collections and a tendency to freeze playback on some powerups requiring a restart of the vehicle. The fi
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