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  1. Iphone 5 Cable?

    This is true, in that I made a proclamation to abandon Pioneer, but really, there are no brands that do any better. I am not sure why that is. My Onkyo home receiver gets updates, my TV, my Samsung Blu-Ray player, the WiiU, PS3, my DirecTV box... every other consumer device nowadays gets regular attention. But not car audio... Anyway, back on topic - has PIONEER officially posted a statement on iPhone5 support? Seems like they could make an adapter box. My AVIC-D1 needed an iPod adapter box that then plugged into that BUS system they still use, for CD changers and such. I would be ok with an HW adapter to overcome this new Lightning cable.
  2. Iphone 5 Cable?

    Right - so why do I need a whole new expensive map update to fix basic things that are wrong with bluetooth, app radio, Pandora, etc.? That should be free - you know, to make the unit perform as advertised. They should have some responsibility there, but in my experience over the last 20 years with Pioneer has been that they abandon support after 1 year or less. So I am not looking to upgrade my 2012 unit to the latest 2013 functions. I just want the 2012 functions to WORK properly. Half the time Pandora images do not appear, Bluetooth Audio will not turn on until I first switch to another source and then back again, the Bluetooth Connect button on the screen never works, the App Radio UI needs a major overhaul, etc. etc. They should fix these items for free with a firmware update. I mean, has Pioneer actually tried to use this 940 unit? Not difficult fixes. But they will never come. Especially for free.
  3. Iphone 5 Cable?

    Ok - you got me there on Android. But I blame that mostly on the fact that someone like Motorola and Samsung have 30 or so phones worldwide to maintain at a time - they just can't see to handle it. Apple only has 5 of so iOS iPhones since 2007 to maintain, and they do a much better job at keeping them up to date. If someone had an Android-based car stereo line, they *should* be able to keep up with maintenance since it is only a handful of units. It just takes the RIGHT company that cares - a stereo has a much longer lifespan than the average phone.
  4. Iphone 5 Cable?

    As a long time Pioneer user, I really have officially given up on them. The lack of information from Pioneer on this iPhone 5 issue with 2012 AVIC units is sad. Perhaps they can't fix certain things, but they really should provide explanations for what works and what doesn't, and why. They should try the offical Apple adapter and post findings. Seems like its up to the great forum members here to do all the testing. But the main reason is, firmware updates. Let's face it, they are never provided. I went through this on my D1 - although updates were perfectly possible, Pioneer expects you to buy the next year model to fix your problems. I have the AVIC940, and it is riddled with issues with App Radio, Bluetooth, connection issues, etc. etc. They all could be fixed, but I will NEVER see a firmware update. Pioneer has the power through USB, but they never do it. Buy the new 2013! Some company needs to make an Android radio that you can download whatever d@mn app you want, like Slacker, Rhapsody, etc. etc. Pandora blows, Slacker is in aHa, but my iPhone 5 is screwed with this unit. Sorry to complain - I have had Pioneers since 1993. In this day and age when everyone provided TIMELY firmware updates, Pioneer does squat.
  5. Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

    Got the knob Thomas. I must say, it is awesome. I never knew a knob could be such an incredible accessory. Highly Recommended! Looks great too!
  6. PAC WRI-P and X940BT

    Just installed the WRI-P on my X940BT - yes it works. Using that flat rectangular remote, not sure what the model number is. I wish these remotes had a pause button...
  7. D1 to X940BT wiring differences, done

    That GPS thing was making me mad - why change the connector? Guess new supplier, but thankfully it was easy to swap. And I used a staple from that other video to get the mute wire out - the bypass seems to work well. Glad they made it easy. I am adding the PAC remote control sensor to this unit. Not sure why they think a remote is not necessary anymore. For volume and track skipping, the remote is way easier then trying to hit those buttons while my truck is bouncing around the road.
  8. Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

    Also sent money for Black Knob, X940BT. Can't wait! That little knob is ridiculous.
  9. I just upgraded from my old D1 to a X940BT. I was kinda hoping that the harnesses were the same, but alas, they were not. Both the RCA harness and the power harness have different plugs for no apparent reason, so you will need to swap all the wires. The GPS plug is also inexplicably different. Thankfully, you can pull the pin out from the old GPS connector and use the new connector, it slips directly in. I was almost about to tear it all apart to swap the whole cable/antenna. Lastly, the subwoofer plugs directly into the unit now instead of the pigtails. The X940BT bypass is different from the old one I think - can't remember. But I thought on the D1 you needed to unfuse something on the board. The dimensions of the bezel were the same thankfully, since I have the D1 bezel grafted into the dash board and it cannot be removed. Anyway, relatively easy swap. It just didn't seem necessary - I guess they ran out of the old connectors, who knows. Ordered the WRI-P adapter to use my D1 remote, and also the LARGER black knob that is sold here by Thomas. Derek
  10. X940 AppRadio shortcuts - none?

    Wow - ok, let me give that a read - so I am not crazy that it doesn't work. Seems like an obvious thing that should have been done from the start. Going back and forth between the two seems distracting. Thanks!
  11. Ok, I have had the 940BT for 2 days, so maybe I need more time. I am thrilled that I can get Slacker on my iPod Touch to work on the Pioneer touchscreen, and the album art shows up too. I can also stream Sirius Online, although no artwork. Probably the app does not support that. Anyway - the way I have to do it now is that I need to launch the App from the iPod, then it appears on the 940 screen. Is there anyway to add SHORTCUTS to the X940BT so that I do not have to keep fiddling with the iPod?? I want to launch Slacker, Sirius Apps from the 940, and I THOUGHT I could somehow add them to AppRadio, even though they are not 'supported'. Let's face it, AppRadio supports nothing. So is it possible to add these shortcuts? Thanks! Derek
  12. X940BT Switching Source On Its Own

    Just picked up this 940. I thankfully do not have this issue, but I am using a iPod Touch 4. Pandora plays and does not switch. But Pandora sucks and I use Slacker. For Slacker - USUALLY I get the album art. Occasionally its missing but most of the time its there. Bought 940 from Amazon. I also have the Pioneer iPod cable with factory packaging, also from Amazon. No issues. AppRadio is another story, but I will make another thread... Derek Former D1 User, now X940BT
  13. Upgrade D1 to X930BT - Size and Pinout compatible?

    Well, looks like Slacker will be in Aha for Pioneer, but not the current Aha radios... might have to wait till the 2012 models are announced: http://satelliteradioplayground.com/2011/09/12/aha-radio-adds-slacker-to-car-radio/
  14. Upgrade D1 to X930BT - Size and Pinout compatible?

    Guess I will found out soon, my D1 is completely dead now after 6 good years. I really wish the new units supported Slacker Radio though in the UI, as I think its superior to Pandora. It is keeping me from pulling the trigger.
  15. Upgrade D1 to X930BT - Size and Pinout compatible?

    Sorry, didn't mean to ignore this response - I didn't get an email notification for some reason? Sounds good, as long as it physically fits the same as the D1, since the snap on bezel is molded into my dash at this point... Derek