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  1. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    If your device restarting, means, that it can`t loaded some file, or can`t initialized some hardware. if testmode available, you can testing your hardware.
  2. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    https://cloud.mail.ru/public/EW4X/9oiaPvUPw User and NDATA folders in Archive. ndb don't copy yet. In few day.
  3. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

  4. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    on mrz-90 nand is half size (4G) but i can send files from mrz-90
  5. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    https://cloud.mail.ru/public/CHnd/sG3XLfh3H here the latest version of programs on my devices. I have one mrz90-2 and 2 mrz-99. Like i thought, they have one platform, so i made this update. versions are: bot - 3.000100, plt - 3.000400, fnt - 3.000400, apl - 3.060100, dtv - 1.300000, dtd - 1.020000. Just unpack the archive to sd card and, if you versions lower, device is update automatically. Don't forget to make backup of user folder. english file inside. Hope it be useful for somebody.
  6. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    This file for people, who knows what nand, e-nand, nor and image are.
  7. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Who need full image of 99's e-nand, i have it now (near 8Gb), it is .img file create with hdd raw copy tool in 4-bit mode. And also nor dump (boot flash).
  8. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Try lng file from mrz99. On my opinion it have identical software. Don't forget to do backup, and u lost nothing.
  9. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    And someone open his business yet http://baza.drom.ru/khabarovsk/audio/radio/vladelcam-pioneer-carrozzeria-mrz77-99-proshivka-menju-na-anglijskij-53801062.html Money from air)))
  10. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    On my mrz-90-II file PF090JPJPN_90II.LNG is not working correct. Many inscriptions are not on their position, but file from MRZ-99 is working perfect. For notice.
  11. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Ñтрах и риÑк
  12. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    39 posts Posted Yesterday, 02:39 AM slavjn, on 27 Mar 2017 - 5:19 PM, said: Looks like the font spacing is not correct, one thing you could try is to change the system font, it's in PRGX/FONTS/DFHSMaruGothic.pgf Here's a font from f30bt: https://www.dropbox....ma_09H.pgf?dl=0 Replacing the font may not be 100% safe because I don't know if it's compatible or what would happen if it tries to draw a Japanese character. Also it's possible that the TestMode executable uses this font so that could become unusable which would be very bad. For these reasons I'm not going to try this but if you are brave...... edit: Looks like somebody has tried replacing the font file on a european model: http://avic411.com/i...92012/?p=242146 and it didn't destroy anything so it might be safe... dzo пишет, что можно заменить файл шрифта, по пути PRGX/FONTS/DFHSMaruGothic.pgf, но Ñто м. б. фатально, еÑли не подойдет, при уÑловии иÑÐ¿Ð¾Ð»ÑŒÐ·Ð¾Ð²Ð°Ð½Ð¸Ñ Ñтого шрифта теÑтмодом. Далее идет ÑÑылка на шрифт от 930 и чей-то опыт. Возможно еще Ñлить родной файл шрифта и редактировать, но Ð´Ð»Ñ Ñ‚Ð°ÐºÐ¾Ð³Ð¾ типа файлов не имею предÑÑ‚Ð°Ð²Ð»ÐµÐ½Ð¸Ñ Ñ‡ÐµÐ¼. как говоритÑÑ - на Ñвой
  13. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Он же ответил: интервал завиÑит от шрифта, не от Ñтроки, подобрав шрифт изменишь и раÑÑтоÑние. Вот здеÑÑŒ еще http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/39638-avic-mrz99-custom-firmware-testmode/page-9&do=findComment&comment=343642 ÑÑылаетÑÑ Ð½Ð° опыт замены шрифта.
  14. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi, everyone. I need some help with repairing the mrz-99. Can anyone make an images of both of boot and program area?