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  1. SPH-DA120 new firmware 1.14

    Hi Specialtygreg, does this mean the whole Pioneer car electronics section was sold? Who is the big guy bought them? Will new models be released instead? Will they continue the car radio business? One new model is AVH-Z5000(DAB), but this could be a model of the current and present line. Thank you very much. Tom
  2. AVIC-F80DAB and AVIC F88DAB

    Hello, I am from Germany and I will upgrade my current Kenwood HU (shame on me) to an AVIC-F80DAB unit soon. I am not sure if a new model within this series will be released soon. The head unit is the right one because of Android Auto and DAB (very common and very good reception in Germany and Europe). I was looking for a DAB-HU from Pioneer without navigation but DAB and Android Auto. Unfortunately such a combination is not available yet. Clarifications are appreciated if I am wrong here. Can the AVIC-F80DAB be upgraded with another firmware not meant for this model as well? Thank you very much in advance. Tom