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  1. SPH-DA120 new firmware 1.14

    Now new firmware version is 1.18 for the Appradio 4 SPH-DA120. It can be downloaded from the European Pioneer website. Version 1.16 was not released for downloading, just for production.
  2. Wrong Firmware on new 8200

    I don't think it's a wrong firmware. It has just a lot of bugs. Latest version is 1.04. But I don't know where to download the update for the US units (uc models) just for the European (EU5 models) and Russian ones (UR models). I think you have to wait a little bit until Pioneer USA will offer the update. Maybe someone else already has it.
  3. The new firmware version 1.14 (date 01/30/2017) for the Appradio 4 SPH-DA120 can be downloaded from the European Pioneer Website.
  4. The firmware is the same for US and European units, e.g. V1.11. There are some resistors on the pcb which tell the radio if it's for the US, European or other market. I think you have to change these. There is some internal uCOM firmware which you have to change, too (a little bit more complicated). Maybe this works without changing the resistors. uCOM firmware for US units SPH-DA120/XNUC5 V8.57: ME_QC16039A_321UC.zip - PEQ321_UC_v0857 uCOM firmware for EU units SPH-DA120/XNEW5 V8.57: ME_QC16039A_320EW.zip - PEQ320_EW_v0857 Use the forum search function for additional informations.
  5. 4200NEX features on a 4100NEX

    No, the hardware is a litlle bit different.
  6. SPH DA120 Firmware

    Latest download version is 1.11 (but only from Pioneer USA). You are lucky and have the latest factory firmware version. Maybe there is a 1.13 (like for the AVH-X8600BT) but never found this one for download.
  7. Latest version for 5100NEX is 1.05: 15MY_FW-Update_5100-7100NEX_v1.05_8G_20151216.zip The same version is on the Pioneer website for download.
  8. What about the SPH-DA120? Can I use the "AVH-X8600BT/4000NEX - ver:1.13 + BT 03.41.12" firmware? Are there any new features? Maybe Android Auto?
  9. The firmware is the same for the US and European unit. I have the US firmware 1.11 in my European SPH-DA120 and it behaves still like befor. There have to be some hardware differences, e.g. jumpers or resistors which tell the firmware if it's an US or European unit.
  10. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    @bass_rock: Is it possible to use the 4000 -> 4100 firmware image on the SPH-DA120? The hardware should be very similar. I still want the Android Auto feature but don't want to swap my headunit again.
  11. Done. Still fully works with firmware 1.11 on my European unit. Just the bluetooth firmware is 3.21.3 like before. Do the US units have a newer one? A manual update didn't changed this.
  12. New firmware 1.11 for AppRadio 4 SPH-DA120! Will try it today on my European Unit (now has 1.09).
  13. USB Playback Android Phone

    Your Android phone plays music using MTP on your NEX/AppRadio? Which headunit do you have? Which phone do you have? Which Android version? Lollipop, Marshmallow or older? Our Sony Xperia Z1C/Z3C and my Goggle Nexus 7 (2013) all with Lollipop 5.1.1 don't work with my SPH-DA120 (1.09). The cable is okay because MirrorLink and AppRadio mode work. I will try it again with the new Android Marshmallow 6.0 on my Nexus 7 today.
  14. I have done the update from 1.08 to 1.09 on my EU unit. Works great, but no new features. The US related stuff (Pandora, ...) is not visible. Just like before. That means the US and EU headunits use the same firmware. There have to be some differences in the hardware (solder jumpers, resistors, config eprom or something else) so the firmware can check if it's an EU or US unit. @400ixl: Even there is no need for an parking brake bypass circuit. Just grounding the parking brake wire seems to work well. Hoping for an update to get Android Auto!
  15. Great! I will try the 1.09 firmware on my European unit today. Hope there will be some Mirrorlink and Android improvements.