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  1. SPH DA120 Firmware

    Thank's to reply!
  2. Hi on my new app radio SPHDA120 results 1.12 firmware version. when I go on appradio download page on PIONEER ITALY show me 1.07.... on PIONEER.COM 1.11 actually what is the new version? Why this difference?
  3. Hi anyone know if it's possible to change the animated images?
  4. now after 2 year the SPHDA 100 have the same problem on the screen!!!!!
  5. iOS 9 Compatibility

    SPHDA100, iPhone 6, iOS 9 all Ok work perfectly, only appradio live app NOT WORK!!!!, after launch it black screen on radio.
  6. hi I had the same problem after 2 years on appradio 1 sphda01, paying the difference with the Pioneer assistance I have changed with appradio 2 sphda100 thinking that he could not have the same problem with the display. Probably is the poor quality of materials that makes them degrade!
  7. app radio 2 problem

    i think that it's a software problem! i have The rear camera with 12v option select, if I touch The rear camera on The right top screen, The radio start one loop show black screen whit the rear camera message and after return to normally function and nex black screen.... The only reset metod is to disable the rear camera in the settings menu, exit and reselect the 12 volt option.
  8. I use iGo/ pioneer nav gate software ( it's the same change only the splash screen) but I think that sigyc is non compatible with AppRadio mirroring app.
  9. Anyone have one juke with sphda100? Which wheel control interface use? Because I have some problem, the phone call open/closed non fuction and I want to buy one new interface....
  10. For The Parking brake ok the wire on ground! Now function all correctly. But the problem to rear cam MSG sometimes continue, it depend: If touch the icon on the top right to main windows, and close the MSG, it appeare sometimes when use other functions, radio, iPod, ecc.ecc. For eliminate the problem it's necessary on the setup mode put off the rear camera function and reselect the correct function!
  11. No i haven't update it! How it's possibile to check The installed software version?
  12. iPod touch

    The iPod touch 3rd gen work perfectly with appradio gps antenna, sometimes when you connect to the radio not fixiing gps signal, reboot the iPod and it return to function correctly! I not know the cause.... I have try it with app radio sphda01 and sphda100.
  13. No the wiring it' s correctly! I have See on youtube that someone have used one relay, because the lock function whith one variation of state and not with a continuous signal. This saturday I try do it.
  14. I have changed radio from app radio 1 to sphda100 All work's But when ipod connected an i use Navgate app radio sometimes show me The Same MSG of rear camera "Image...." And many options on setup menù are gray.... I have connected The GREEN whith wire on ground ( it is a European radio) If i disconnect it The setup menù return ok. Nothing for The alert MSG.....
  15. Hello someone knows how to change the standard 4 sphda100 wallpapers? I would like to change background img. when the iPhone is disconnect... In the past i have the sph da 01 and it's was simple, app radio 2 use win CE? Thank's in advance