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  1. Hi 

    Could you help me to convert ZH-0999w to English language and install IK maps?



  2. Hey buddy! I've seen your posts in the forum and seems like you figured your nav system out with the translation. I did the same mistake as you and deleted my PF090JPENG.LNG from both the PNG folders and my text are all gone. I'm pretty much freaking out as I cannot use my system anymore. Can you please help a brother out by giving me step by step process of what do to in terms of fixing it and also getting english? Also include the folders and files that I need.

    Pardon me for asking a lot from you but I am pretty much stuck at this point.

    Thanks in advance buddy!

  3. fanourio


    Hello Kyriakos! Ive done it for a number of cars in Cyprus but I havent seen your model before. If you wish, call me on 99 987654 to see if we can sort this out for you! Best Fanos
  4. So, people is it possible to install IGO on any MRZ model? I heard some stories, but id anybody actually ,managed that or any other method to change the map of Japan into any European map?
  5. Has anybody had any luck with replacing the map of Japan with any other map? MRZ whatever?
  6. Javed, Navitel works for you? where did you get it from?
  7. Although I dont feel that I have to explain ANYTHING it is very easy to delete any file from MRZ radios accidentally and never be able to retrieve that file..... before playing it James Bond, did you ever consider that instead of shooting stupid questions? Unlike your type, I am not any scammer as I do not ask for money and I think it was YOU looking for MY help! Well I have news for you my friend, you ARE NOT GETTING ANY! GET A LIFE!
  8. sd card must be formatted as fat 32 not ntfs reformat the empty card as FAT 32 and try again. if the menu is in japanese, how do you know there is no save button???
  9. Can you get into test mode? You can achieve this by pressing MENU/NAVI button with your right pointer finger constantly and then press RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT with your left pointer finger, and then release all. Once this is achieved you will see a list of choices in Japanese. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING YET. If you manage this, you will need to replace some files which you can find in another post here. Lets take it step by step so please either post here for others to learn or pm me for further instructions
  10. Hi all, Has anyone installed or knows how to install IGO or any other navigation on any MRZ model? Or Does anybody know how to replace the map of Japan with any other map on the same models? I will be grateful Best F
  11. Does anybody know where we can find the MAP file on the MRZ? I think that if we locate the map file, which is a map of Japan, somebody can edit that and transform it into map of Europe or country or whatever.... Otherwise i need to know how to install IGO or any other navigator on my MRZ 09. Any ideas?
  12. 1) When i turn on every time it ask to register an SD card for communication with the PC, you answer yes - impossible, no - it will ask again the next time you turn it on. Solution: Check on the side of your sd card, there is a small button lock/unlock the card. Move it UP so that SD card is UNLOCKED so that the system can register on the sd card. Try after that and press YES when the stereo asks you to register card. 2) When you turn on, it always offers the initial setting or something like that. In this case, the adjustment button is not active (in the settings menu also not active)
  13. any chance for a MRZ 09 image.img file?
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