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  1. see page 12-16 of this PDF to install back camera. pioneer mrz05 InstallationManual.pdf
  2. I think map of Bangladesh is not possible, however you can change language by following the the thread by DZO.
  3. try to replace PF090JPENG.LNG and PF110JPENG.LNG and see if it works.
  4. When your car is stop and hand break applied, try to play the video and see if it works.
  5. Congratulations, good work, well done.
  6. I think you cant change the frequency. I am using FM band shifter through which you can listen to stations from 88 to 108 MHz. If you happen to know to shift frequency please let me know.
  7. you cannot play all video formats, however some common formats like mp4 and others can be played while the car is stop. if you start driving, the video will be hidden.
  8. What format video is supported by mrz05

  9. You can download from my post on 16 nov, page 44.
  10. you can try by replacing pf110jpjpn.lng file.
  11. yes you need to delete the old files first, only then you can paste the new files. After pasting check the dates to confirm if the files are actually new.
  12. Report reply ame_avic Started conversation: 20 hours ago Dear Javed, I accidentally deleted some files on my USER folder when I was trying to convert the language from japanese to english. Now my car radio screen is just blank, May you kindly send me the original USER folder backup, if you have it please. PLEASE HELP ME, PLEASE! Many friends have already put the files in earlier pages, you can download and use them. See the previous pages for more details. Regards,
  13. download the files. put the files on the SD card. insert the card in your DVD player. Copy these files to your prg0 and prg1 folder.
  14. Report reply Suhrid Started conversation: Wednesday at 09:43 PM Hello Buddy! I've seen you post and help few people with their nav systems. Could you possibly help me too? I use a Avic-Mrz05 and I tried to change it from Japanese to English but I accidentally deleted both my PF090JPJPN.LNG and PF90JPENG.LNG from both the PRG0 and PRG1 files. My texts are all gone and I cannot fix it. I'm pretty much freaking out as I dont have a backup of those files. Can you please help me by providing me step by step guide and the required files to fix my issue.
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