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  1. Why not mute? Because I want to Source Off or Power Off. I'm sorry that you didn't understand the question.
  2. Firmware update headache

    I have a 6200 but the update is the same. When I updated my firmware I formatted the USB and did everything accordingly but had similar issues installing. I then realized the problem was how I copied the file from my computer to the USB. You have to copy and paste the file, you cannot use the "send to" method and you also have to OPEN THE MAIN UPDATE FOLDER (in my case) named 7200NEX, 6200NEX,5200NEX_FW-Update_v1.01_8G COPY ONLY the AVICAVH16 folder (The 8000 may have a different name) that's within the main folder. And you do have to use Number 1 USB. You will also need to reformat the USB to FAT32 which will delete the first copy. Good Luck!
  3. Hello All, Does anyone know of a simple way or single button to Source Off or Power Off a 6200NEX unit other than the dreaded 3 step process of: Home - AV - Source Off or Power Off? Have I missed something? In my opinion, this is the most annoying thing about the unit and a terrible flaw in the design. I realize it's only 3 buttons but who wants to go through a 3 step process for what should be a 1 step process, especially while you're driving? Honestly, had I known this prior to purchase chances are I would not have bought this unit. Thanks, Duke
  4. Hello, I am new to this Forum and very happy to see it. I have a 6200NEX installed in a 2016 Ford F-350 with SYNC and paired with an Android phone. I have updated the firmware and for the most part the unit seems to be working fine with following exception. If the unit is in Source Off mode and a call comes in, the phone will ring through the speakers and show on the screen but I cannot answer the telephone with the steering wheel or on the unit. If I swipe and answer the phone the callers voice does not come through the speakers. If I have any kind of source on, USB, Radio, etc. then the phone works just fine. I have tried various things such as re-pairing etc. and still no changes. At this point I'm assuming that it is simply an incompatibility problem between SYNC, Pioneer and Android combined. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on that? Also - Does anyone know of a quick way to turn Source Off or Power Off without going through the 3 step process of Home - AV - Source Off? Thank you