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  1. AVIC F88DAB Reverse Camera Issues

    RonS you are my hero. Cheers all working now. Thanks
  2. AVIC F88DAB Reverse Camera Issues

    Thanks for the response, I am using the one brown one, it's the one that has the yellow tag on which says reverse camera in if I remember, it has a small amount of cable which comes out the HU. I also tried it in the secondary yellow AV input which is just the socket, then set the setting to 2nd camera input use as reverse which also didn't work. Really am at the end of my teather as I'm all out of ideas.
  3. Hi Everyone I have recently purchased the F88DAB and installed into my Alfa 159 sportwaggon. This is a great unit. I decided to purchase an aftermarket reverse camera which I then installed into the car. Having tested the camera using a 12v battery and an AV monitor I knew it worked before installing and therefore expected it to just plug and play when installing it into the HU reverse camera Connector. However this is not the case. I put the car into reverse and the HU changes to the reverse screen but just stays black and no image appears. I have tested this with the HU out and the cable running into the AV monitor and get a picture straight away. The camera definatly works with the head unit because when I go to source AV and set it to camera the reverse camera image appears. The camera is powered the entire time as the power feed is coming from a constant source. I have tried a number of different settings including setting the second camera input as the reverse camera and that still doesn't appear. I just can't figure out why I can see the image in one option but does not appear when the car is put into reverse especially when the camera is plugged into the reverse camera input. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks D