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  1. Hello every body! I was trying to install the newest firmware update for my device from 1.11 to 1.14. After first restart the device was reading ... and finally it shows 1.11 --> 1.14 0%.. and goes to update failed. press home button. After pressing home buton going to same trouble.. and is not possible to write the new fitmware. May be internal SD card is dead. Any idea what to do???? P.S. If I take out the internal SD card is it possible to make a duplicate on Windows PC with some program like Win32DiskImager and after that to create new SD card from this image copy?

    deciolemos9 Can you make a backup of your internal SD card?
  3. Backups and Images

    Bonee, which chatroom? I am new in this forum. Please advise me. Do you mean this https://avicsignup.herokuapp.com/
  4. Backups and Images

    Hello guys! My avic f960bt eu5 bricked after trying firmware update to ver. 1.14 from 1.11. Does anyone have an image file for my device? I was trying to backup the internal SD card, but without success. I'll be very thankful if somebody help me.