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  1. Wow. I think i just ruined my system. I have Avic-X930BT also, (was on latest firmware i believe 6.0) I tried to autoinstall condi Hackmode 2.21, it copied the hacked files, rebooted and said something like "Can not find valid application". I need to know how to Undo this now. To get my system working. All i need is to reset password. EDIT: I was able to fix it manually by running a SD card with this and only this in the ScriptExec.ini : COPY -rc SD\UPDATE\USER\PRG\APL USER\PRG0\APL where SD\UPDATE would be the update folder on your SD card, the one containing the latest Map update, in my case 2015 USA CANADA MAP UPDATE.zip Now how Do i Get into Testmode, the 10 item menu ?