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  1. AVIC F950DAB password problem

    No, use this path: NAND\SYSTEM\SEQURITY and read sequrity.dat The first letters You get is the password xxxxxxked where xxxxx is the password The next you get is the password hint yyyyyyyyyyyy+FA where yyyyyyyyyy is the password hint.
  2. AVIC F950DAB password problem

    I finally found a testmode.key that worked on this unit. testmode-x50v2-20170601T202015Z-001.zip Here I could go in and readout the password. Did a factory reset and the went into setting and pushed the 3 zones in the top of the screen and removed password by entering it one more time. Now the unit works perfectly, just has to find some updated maps and my MHL interface for my phone. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bw_hkMTCF0F5TTlzM1RtRkZSWDg
  3. I got this used unit and it has a password and the guy has no idea what the password was when made several years ago. I have tried all testmode.key's I can find and the all just give me an error screen saying "Testmode failed starting" Anyone has a solutions for thos or do I have too do it the hard way and desolder and readout the flash? Zeb Crs, Norway