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  1. 2 SunTzu this is not possible for the average user. You can patch the library for the right time.
  2. 2 Pavel941990 write to me on crash_rider@mail.ru
  3. inTESTMODE.zipFolder 3 work! MRZ009 MRZ066!
  4. 2 mian There are no ready-made files, you can assemble it yourself! The necessary programs are laid out here, use the search!
  5. Hi > check testmode.key for MRZ 009 TESTMODE.zip
  6. Try dev passw "POSEIDO ON" In system lib. finded. "SERVICEDBG ON" "DEVELOPDBG ON" "POSEIDO ON" "DEVELOPDBG OFF" please post the results!
  7. софт, для перевода, я выложил! Удачи!
  8. I suspended this activity as it is futile! There are no people who want to change the language on their devices. Let them continue to travel with the Japanese language! Я приостановил эту деятельность так как это бесперспективно! Нет желающих переделать язык на своих аппаратах. Пусть и дальше ездят с японским языком!
  9. 2 ONURARD Try firmware from other MRZ series... Go to the engineering menu and copy / paste the firmware files to the PRG0 folder. Video how to do it? hah...... Lots and lots of time in 010 editor and you'll make another language :) And all this with my own hands that's all Screenshots on dev https://www.youtube.com/@Prochivka_na_mafon/featured
  10. 2 ONURARD You deleted system files, system file load error (6-7-8), restore files from copy!
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