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  1. 2 ONURARD You deleted system files, system file load error (6-7-8), restore files from copy!
  2. Pioneer restorator 1.7 Reading files *.ver ,*.prg ,*.iarc, *.dat (initdb.dat partially) *.ver files auto size check, crc files auto recalculation of cs and file sizes *.iarc files full unpacking with restoration of original paths and file names replacing the image to fit or smaller than the original size (for now) *.prg files auto size check, crc file and header auto recalculation of cs and sizes in file and header support for JP and EU versions Generating nb0 and hdr files nb0 for subsequent unpacking in utilities hdr to restore the prg file with s
  3. 2 Ersh_v How did you check? which script was running? Как проверил? какой запускал script?
  4. Everything works except scripts copy paste available! thnks!
  5. 2 Jet1337x Thanks bro! I'll check today! it's bad of course that scripts don't work
  6. 2 EV ownerВ go to the engineering menu and put the photo here I managed to change the testmode.exe and the key came up! but in the apl folder there is no navi.exe and other things ... again picking the firmware aaa
  7. crash_rider


    Hi! find a shtirlitz and find instructions from him, everything is simple there
  8. I disassembled two testmod.key (MRZ and RZ models) files in the IDA.В And I looked at the procedures for decrypting the testmod.key file.В And they are almost identical with the exception of one transition, which is not clear what that nonsense.В Procedures almost one to one and the file does not work! I'm trying to slip the testmod.exe file from MRZ to the RZ series into the firmwareВ
  9. Who has a copy of the firmware for Pioneer Carrozzeria avic RZ-33 ?
  10. Anyone have any idea how to compile testmode.key file for fresh Pioneer's models from 2018?
  11. I tried to slip the testmode.key file, but it didnot work!I generated a file using py script, but not successfully ! climbed into ida and what do I see! text must be in UTF-16LE encoding!!! My Model AVIC-RW802, AVICRZ09 Folder , PS140PLT.PRG extract> testmode.exe sample .data:00173008 text "UTF-16LE", "TECHNICAL" .data:00173008 .datab.b 2, 0 and model !!!NX168! mtext:000149F4 mov.l #aNx168, r7 ; "NX168" .text:000149F6 bt loc_14A0A .text:000149F8 mov r8, r3 .text:00
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