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  1. sorry for a dig post maybe a file calls Navi.exe or Av.exe can make this problem Try to replace it with original files, try it on both folders PRG0 and PRG1
  2. Hi. I'm new here so on start - sorry for my bad ENG, im from PL Ok so i need pinout or someone shoot a few pictures of that RCA connector. I trying to made myself that plug cuz i cant find that connector in poland. When i found its cost fortune... really! They want lot of money for that xD I pay for that avic less than a pair of cheap nike shoes In attach is picture how the radio looks from behind. OK nevermind i chceck that with my self ! Lets start! We need a litlle plugs that are in PC's cases, they are for a LEDs and swithes on front of pc case. I recommen
  3. HI Show me both connectors, or just that connector with colours of that cable that you cut. Sorry for bad eng, PL here. PS. Hehe i have also 2din in e36 and its look awesome
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